Top Gun Maverick Soars Over Titanic

Paramount Pictures had been making movies for 110 years. Now, Top Gun: Maverick has officially beaten Titanic as their top-grossing film of all time. 

Recently, Collider reported that Top Gun: Maverick replaced Titanic as the studio’s number one domestic grossing film. 

How did Top Gun: Maverick surpass Titanic at the box office?

The Tom Cruise action movie has a total $601.9 million box office sales. The numbers resulted in crushing Titanic’s previous record of $600.7 million. 

For comparison, the first Top Gun movie made $180.5 million domestically in 1986. Still, it was the number one grossing movie that year as well. 

“Top Gun: Maverick is a phenomenal motion picture, and we take deep pride in celebrating this tremendous achievement alongside Tom Cruise, our filmmakers and cast, our marketing and distribution teams, and, of course, all the new and original Top Gun fans, without whom this wouldn’t have been possible.” 

— Brian Robbins, CEO and President of Paramount Pictures

Everyone involved in the new blockbuster has benefited from it overtaking the Titanic’s top spot. For example, it has also become its leading man’s highest-grossing film ever.

Worldwide, it has grossed $1 billion. 

But to make it in the movies, you sometimes have to go into… the danger zone. 

There’s more money in the “danger zone”

It is hard to pinpoint exactly why one film makes more money than another. However, after surveying audiences, it appears that Top Gun: Maverick’s action scenes are what possibly pushed it to surpass Titanic’s love story. 

It is a good thing that those action scenes paid off because they were not easy. Full movie sets were blown away during filming; therefore, they were unable to be re-shot. 

In any case, the choices and over-the-top sequences justified the means.

The heart of Titanic may go on, but Top Gun: Maverick flies off into the sunset with the number one spot — and the money.

Featured image source: Top Gun Movie / Twitter


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