Tilman Fertitta

To wrap up day one of 10X Growth Conference 2022, billionaire business leader Tilman Fertitta joined Grant Cardone on stage for a perspective-shifting conversation.

“Never spend before you take care of your business.”

That’s the mindset that fueled Tilman Fertitta’s journey to building a net worth of over $10 billion.

Tilman Fertitta and Grant Cardone at 10X Growth Conference

Tilman Fertitta: “It’s better to be chairman instead of a student.”

When he sat down with Grant Cardone for 10X Growth Conference, Fertitta was candid about how his passion has influenced his decision-making over the years.

Today, he is recognized as a world leader in the dining, hospitality, entertainment, and gaming industries.

If you’ve ever eaten at a restaurant, stayed at a hotel, or gambled at a casino, Tilman Fertitta has most likely owned it.

More specifically, Fertitta owns more than 600 properties in 38 states and in over 16 countries. Even more, he is the owner of Fertitta Entertainment — the largest pure one shareholder company in America — which owns:

  • Restaurant giant Landry’s
  • Golden Nugget Casinos
  • NBA team Houston Rockets

However, it hasn’t been a smooth journey to get here.

On stage, Tilman Fertitta shared with Grant Cardone and the Diplomat attendees that he went to business school for 3 years before dropping out. And he struggled to hold a job early on.

“I was fired from my first 4 jobs. so, i thought, if i was going to keep a job, i’d have to go into business for myself.”

— Tilman Fertitta revealed exclusively with the virtual audience backstage at 10X Growth Conference

That didn’t stop him from taking 10X action and becoming chairman of the very college he dropped out of.

It’s this kind of mindset that enabled Fertitta to become what Forbes calls the ‘World’s Richest Restaurateur.’

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