Millennials recognize 10X Growth Con performer T.I. for hits such as “Whatever You Like,” and “Live Your Life.” His introduction of Southern trap to the charts helped artists like Gucci Mane to dominate the music industry. However, T.I.’s real goal is “The Grand Hustle” — reigning as the leader of a massive business empire…  

T.I. was born Clifford Harris Jr. in an underserved neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia. From early on, his business mindset was evident…

In the fifth grade, the future chart-topper sold candy to his classmates. Unfortunately, he continued to use this energy to deal drugs during his high school years. 

But if anything good came out of that dark time, it was the discovery of his rapping talent and the birth of “The Grand Hustler” dream

“[I represent] those willing to invest in themselves and work tirelessly to make their dreams come true regardless of their resources, conditions, or environment. They overcome every obstacle to make it happen,” the Southern rapper elaborated for Black Enterprise

But what exact moves has T.I. made to become the embodiment of this larger-than-life vision?

T.I.’s Grand Hustle Is Everywhere

Since his appearance in the public eye over two decades ago, the hip-hop artist hasn’t been sitting on his hands…

After he received a $60K paycheck from his first record deal, young T.I.’s uncle convinced him to invest $25,000 of it in a real estate project. Six months later, the same uncle showed him how he had renovated a home and how much they could flip it for — nearly triple his initial investment. 


Additionally, the trap music veteran has successfully moved into other industries, founding ventures like: 

  • Grand Hustle Records — T.I.’s independent record label. 
  • Grand Hustle Tech — a fintech investing company with an interest in Atlanta-based startups. 
  • A.K.O.O Clothing — an acronym for A King of Oneself; this line of apparel is distributed through Dillard’s department stores.
  • And he claims there are bigger things coming!

The Power of a 10X Mindset

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All the same, T.I. is more than just a revolutionary in the music industry. He sees business success as just as big a responsibility as his artistic endeavors

It just goes to show with a 10X mindset, you can have whatever you like. 

Featured image source: Facebook / T.I.; additional editing by GCTV Staff

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