The Secret To Millionaire Thinking

Secret To Millionaire Thinking

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Fellow 10X’er…

What do you want in your bank account? 

Do you want pennies and nickels and dimes…

Or do you want millions? 

Let me tell you something. If you focus on the pennies you will only get pennies. If you focus on nickels and dimes, that’s what you’ll end up with.

I was brought up to believe that you needed to put your attention on saving your money.

Ever hear “Focus on the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves?” 

I did. Lots of times as I was growing up. 

But here’s what I discovered… 

If you focus on pennies you’ll end up with a mountain of them… but that’s all you’ll ever have. That’s what you’ll draw into your life.

This week I want you to focus on prosperity. Focus on millions of dollars. Focus on big deals. A massive amount of big deals.

Not “oh I just need to get my one deal this week.”

That’s settling for being average. And being average doesn’t put big money into your bank account.

If you focus on a small amount, then you’ll get a small amount.

If you think cheap, then you’re gonna get cheap. 

If you’re clipping coupons because you can save some pennies on a can of beans, then you will stay focused on saving pennies instead of making a fortune.

You need to expand your view to be more prosperous. 

Quit holding yourself back and constraining yourself. Think about the millions. Think about how you want to make those millions and then go do it.

10X, every day.

– Grant

P.S. One of the things I’m most passionate about is providing mentoring and financial literacy education to underserved and at-risk kids. Especially those without a father figure.

That’s why I started the Grant Cardone Foundation: To pursue that worthy mission.

Every single person will have a different story, but where you start has nothing to do with where you end up. With the right information and a dedication to success, anyone can become a millionaire.

On August 3rd, we are doing our second Mentor Workshop with Pace Center for Girls in Miami, Florida. I’m pleased to announce that Stormy Wellington will be working with the girls in person.

I’m so grateful for the love & support that Coach Stormy has shown for our mission. We know that the girls from Pace Center for Girls are going to love her just as much as we do!

For more information about The Grant Cardone Foundation, please click here


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