The 4 Quadrants of Real Estate – Real Estate Investing Made Simple with Grant Cardone

You shouldn’t invest in real estate if you don’t know the market. You have to know about the location and what kind of residents are in the area. When you know what you’re doing, you’ll make money. If you’re not making money, then you don’t know something. The real estate is a game about KNOW. The 4 Quadrants of Real Estate are: ● Price ● Down Payment ● Debt and ● Cash-on-cash Important is Price and the most important is Cash-on-cash. Use the 3X rule to figure out what property you kind afford. If you can put down $100,000, then you can afford a $300,000 property. If you put down $1,000,000, then you can afford a $3,000,000 property. Debt is not a bad thing. It’s not an expense—it’s optional. Dave Ramsey will tell you not to have any debt but everyone has debts. The fact that I have to rely on oxygen is a debt load. Debt is what gives you leverage to own a property that you didn’t even pay for. Debt is your friend. How should you approach real estate deals? 1) Look at 100 Deals to buy (2 to 3) 2) Look at Bigger Deals- the small deals are how you will get wiped out 3) Learn your 4 Quadrants (price and cash-on-cash are the most important) Learn more at my conference #business #realestate #investing #GrantCardone #10XRule #SalesTraining #SalesMotivation #GrantCardone #10XRule #SalesTraining #SalesMotivation
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Star of Discovery Channel’s “Undercover Billionaire,” Grant Cardone owns and operates seven privately held companies and a private equity real estate firm, Cardone Capital, with a multifamily portfolio of assets under management valued at over $4 billion. He is the Top Crowdfunder in the world, raising over $900 million in equity via social media. Known internationally as the leading expert on sales, marketing, and scaling businesses, Cardone is a New York Times bestselling author of 11 business books, including “The 10X Rule,” which led to Cardone establishing the 10X Global Movement and the 10X Growth Conference, now the largest business and entrepreneur conference in the world. The online business and sales educational platform he created, Cardone University, serves over 411,000 individuals and Forbes 100 corporate clients throughout the world. Voted the top Marketing Influencer to watch by Forbes, Cardone uses his massive 15 million plus following to give back via his Grant Cardone Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring underserved, at-risk adolescents in financial literacy, especially those without father figures.