To piggyback off my Thursday Thoughts email series, I wanted to share a special “Thanksgiving Thoughts” with our entire 10X family…

A warm cup of tea. Planning the holidays. Counting my blessings. This is what my evening looks like while I’m writing this.

And through it all, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude

For a regular girl from New Orleans, this life I have is a dream come true. 

And it wouldn’t be possible without the extraordinary people who make every day unforgettable…

I’m so thankful for my family.

Grant is my rock. Scarlett and Sabrina are my pride and joy. I couldn’t imagine anyone better to build an empire with.

Each moment by their side inspires me to be more, do more, and have more — all for this wonderful family.

I’m so thankful for my team.

When I say you can’t build an empire alone, I truly mean it. The people behind the scenes make the magic happen, and I’m grateful to have a powerful team that can handle the chaos seamlessly. 

And last but certainly not least…

This Thanksgiving, I’m so deeply thankful for you

Every single one of you.

Each individual in our community who has committed to making the world a better place with their unique gifts. 

You’re not only supporting the 10X mission — you’re building an incredible, abundant future for all

You have truly understood and adopted the Cardone credo of “Success is my duty, obligation, and responsibility,” and made it your own. 


And as we immerse ourselves in the spirit of Thanksgiving these days, I hope you also take the time to appreciate all you have and what you give to others. Not just around the holidays, but year-round.

Forever grateful,

Elena Cardone

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