Engaging kids in education has always been a challenge for teachers. Now, there is a solution by a kid, for kids — to make learning fun. Discover how one 10X teenager is leveling up EdTech. 

For the next 10X Kids spotlight, we’re sharing the story of 19-year-old Josh Feinsilber, who became a teenage EdTech founder almost by accident.

His product, Gimkit, launched in 2017 as the result of a school project. 

Gimkit is a program where teachers can upload questions and answers. Then, the program turns them into a variety of games students play to learn the material. 

But how did Josh came up with Gimkit to help both educators and students?

Teenage EdTech founder wasn’t always the ‘best’ student

When Feinsilber entered high school, he was struggling academically. Consequently, he was transferred to an alternative school with no grades. Here, students received internships and large projects instead.

Now at the new school, Josh pursued his interest in technology and coding. At this point, despite coding less than a year, he decided he wanted to do programming.

While brainstorming, he remembered that when they played games in class he absorbed the material better — even in subjects he didn’t like. 

That is how a junior in high school created Gimkit and became a teenage EdTech trailblazer. 

Effect of unique opportunities

Josh Feinsilber attributes his ability to succeed to his educational path. 

I think that every student should at least be given the opportunity to try it [non-traditional schooling]… I believe that it is really powerful that every student has the chance to show learning through something that they’re passionate about,” he shared on the Kick Some Class podcast

In short, there are so many others who can maximize their education because Josh did things differently. Still in his late teens, he has decided to forego college and continue improving Gimkit.

We look forward to his further EdTech developments.

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Featured image source: Josh Feinsilber / Twitter

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