While most 13-year-old girls are simply using their smartphones, this teen tech entrepreneur is empowering girls by creating apps. Meet the next high-achiever in our 10X Kids series, Mercer Henderson. 

Before Mercer was 14 years old, she had founded an LLC called 4GirlsTech and had two apps on the market. However, that wasn’t the full scope of everything she had planned. 

Henderson, now age 19, has a big purpose for 4GirlsTech and her apps. This is her story. 

Using life experience to become a teen tech entrepreneur 

To begin with, how does a teenage girl create not one, but two apps? The simple answer is: a good idea and support. 

Like many 13-year-olds, Mercer Henderson loved texting emojis to her friends. Since she was technologically savvy, she started adding sound to the ones she sent. As a result, Henderson thought others would like to do the same. 

That is how the idea for Audiots, Mercer’s first app, came about in 2016. She developed the app with help from her mother, who is a product marketer, and her uncle, who is a sound engineer for Lucas Arts. (You may have heard of their little project called Star Wars.)

Even though this was how this teen tech entrepreneur got started, she wasn’t done.

Lightning can strike twice

Again, drawing from her own life experience, Mercer had another app idea while Audiots was in development. An additional activity she enjoyed was trading clothes with her girlfriends. 

She wanted to connect teens with their peers in communities through an app where you could swap clothes, shoes, or anything else. Her main goal was to get those who had too much with those with too little. 

This app she called FriendIts and it hit the market in 2017. 

Although it is impressive that Mercer Henderson has two apps under her belt, her advocacy for other girls is equally admirable.

She takes no profits from Audiots. All proceeds from audio emoji packs go to various charities. The dog and cat pack proceeds go to the SPCA, for example. 

Her parent company, 4GirlsTech, works to encourage young girls into tech and entrepreneurial roles. All while balancing school and music. 

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Featured image source: The Virtuous Girls

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