With a great business idea, a smart plan, and a powerful pitch, anything is possible. Even if you’re a high school student. That’s exactly how four brilliant teen entrepreneurs received a total of $25,000 in awards at the latest 10X Pitch Off…

Wednesday, August 18, The Grant Cardone Foundation hosted the latest 10X Pitch Off at 10X Headquarters in Aventura, Florida.

No less than 50 business-savvy high school students from Tumaini DC attended, 10 of which had the opportunity to pitch their businesses.

When presenting in front of the all-star panel of judges, every go-getting student brought their A-game. Grant and Elena Cardone, COO Sheri Hamilton, President Jarrod Glandt, and Coach Stormy Wellington thoroughly evaluated the pitches.

Who Are the Winners of the Latest 10X Pitch Off for Young Entrepreneurs?

With such powerful presentations, selecting the winners was a challenge in and of itself.

But after careful deliberation, the 10X judges announced the 10X Pitch Off winners of the day:

Best Presenter: RuQuan Brown for Victory Village, a parent-teacher consulting business

3rd Place: Brooke Weaver for Jazzicure Nailz, a mobile nail service

2nd Place: Sarah Rice for Beeware, a sustainable clothing brand

1st Place: Ean Bowie for Director Eannn Media, a content creation and production business

Photo credits: @prolificfilms

10X Surprises for All the Winners

Initially, the winners were due to receive the following cash prizes: $3,000 for first place, $2,000 for second place, and $1,000 for third place.

However, the entire 10X judges panel was blown away by the teen entrepreneurs’ pitches.

So, in true 10X fashion, they multiplied all the awards: $10,000 for first place, $7,000 for second, and $5,000 for third. Even more, $3,000 was awarded to the Best Presenter of the day.

But the surprises didn’t end there.

Coach Stormy was so impressed with first place winner Ean Bowie’s pitch that she offered him a content creation job — on the spot!

In addition to seed money, all winners enjoyed a gift box with 10X swag, 12-month access to Cardone University, and an autographed copy of Grant Cardone’s “10X Entrepreneur” book.

A Life-Changing Day for The Grant Cardone Foundation & Tumaini DC

From the 10X Team to Tumaini DC guests, each individual in attendance experienced a transformational day.

Sarah Rice, who won second place, expressed how the award would 10X her clothing brand. “It’s going to take us where we need to go to really make a difference,” Sarah says. “You always want to give back to the planet. But having the resources to really do that, see it grow, and feed the inspiration and passion is going to be amazing for me and my business.”

For other winners, the 10X Pitch Off itself was eye-opening. “This experience as a whole has been awesome,” says RuQuan Brown, Best Presenter. “It’s good to see people who have a wealth of resources […] be willing to share them. It’s inspiring to see that so we know we can actualize that in our own lives. I’m super grateful because it [the experience] has changed my life.”

As for The Grant Cardone Foundation, our tremendous gratitude echoes the words of Portia Richardson, Founder and Executive Director of Tumaini DC:

“I’m thankful for the feedback they [the students] received. But more importantly — for the opportunity to connect with industry experts to grow not just their businesses, but their mindsets […] and to really shift the narrative in our community. Our students can achieve. Our students are worthy of great things. And our students can have access to great programs like this when we believe in them.”

At the end of the day, this is our very purpose at The Grant Cardone Foundation.

By providing financial literacy resources, mentorship, and opportunities for at-risk adolescents, we aim to empower the next generation of 10X entrepreneurs.

And we can’t wait to see how the young business owners from Tumaini DC change the world with their companies.

Disclosure: The Grant Cardone Foundation is a Section 501(c) (3) charitable organization, EIN 82-3244679. The amount of a contribution that is deductible for federal income tax purposes is limited to the amount contributed, reduced by the value of any goods or services provided by the organization. For more information and complete disclosures, please visit https://grantcardonefoundation.com 

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