Tamlin Samuels 10X Hub Entrepreneur

The 10X Hub mentors rising business owners from all industries and walks of life. Cleaning services. Human resources. Even art-centered entrepreneurs, from music educators to culinary artists. And today, we’re delighted to set the stage for yet another business-savvy creative, Tamlin Samuels…

Nowadays, a common misconception is that it’s nearly impossible to make a living as an artist.

But Tamlin Samuels is committed to changing the narrative.

The enthusiastic 24-year-old has discovered a way to leverage his creativity, fill a gap in the market, and solve a problem for customers.

As a result, Tamlin is proving that artists can become successful entrepreneurs — if they identify the right lane.

Tamlin Samuels Is Turning Art into Business

Born and raised in the Western Cape, Samuels grew up in a loving and supportive family environment. Fueled by a dual passion for education and music, he pursued sound engineering studies shortly after graduating high school.

However, Tamlin didn’t settle for just the theory — or even one art form, for that matter.

In the years that followed, he put his knowledge into practice not only by making music himself, but also by expanding to filmmaking.

That’s how Teezy Visuals — his videography business — came to fruition.

“I have a huge passion for creating visual art,” he shares. “This led me to pursuing it as a full-time venture.”

Tamlin Samuels 10X Hub Entrepreneur

Tamlin built his business on creating content for clients, from music videos to marketing materials and more.

Although he has struggled with networking due to his introverted nature, Samuels is now embracing confidence with recurring work.

“Hard Work, Determination, and Sacrifice.”

Since becoming part of the 10X Hub, Tamlin Samuels has already secured his first monthly retainer client.

In addition to professional opportunities, the incubation program has also helped him 10X his mindset.

“There is someone who believes in me and my business. They want me to succeed.”

— Tamlin Samuels on the ongoing support he receives from the 10X Hub

Within the program, Tamlin has also learned the importance of consistency in business. “Success is not achieved overnight,” he states. “It takes a lot of hard work, determination, and sacrifice.”

As Samuels continues to develop his Teezy Visuals business, we at the Grant Cardone Foundation are honored to provide him with the right tools, resources, and guidance to flourish.

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