Take Stock in Children

On November 8, the Grant Cardone Foundation (GCF) held a mentoring workshop for 35 students enrolled in the Take Stock in Children, Inc. program. This is how the event furthered the nonprofit’s goal of “transforming Florida one student at a time.” 

Take Stock in Children, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that assists students in the state of Florida with mentoring resources, guidance for college success, and scholarships. 

The Take Stock in Children (TSIC) mission statement reads:

“Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty for low-income, underrepresented, academically qualified students by providing opportunities for degree attainment through postsecondary education. We provide wraparound services to students through an innovative multi-year model from middle school through postsecondary completion.” 

Of course, we had to partner with a group like that right in our own backyard!

After giving the 35 adolescents a tour of 10X Headquarters, we gathered them all into the classroom for a crash course in financial literacy.

Here’s a snapshot of that in action… 

Take Stock in Children Investing, Thinking, and Acting BIGGER 

During the afternoon session of the workshop, the 10X Team guided the students in three separate topic discussions:

  • 10X Your Money: Invest BIG
  • 10X Your Goals: Think BIG
  • 10X Your Action: Act BIG 

In the 10X Your Money section, the teens learned something quite different from traditional financial education…

“There is no shortage of money, only a shortage of people thinking big enough.” 

Alongside this principle, they learned about investing in cash-flowing assets to create wealth.

Next, we introduced our TSIC guests to 10X Goals and 10X Action. Now that they were excited about making money to invest, it was time to take MASSIVE action to earn it. 

“Doing what others refuse to do” in the marketplace was the theme of the day. 

Take Stock in Children

In summary, the Take Stock in Children and Grant Cardone Foundation collaboration was the meeting of two organizations that have the same goal in mind. If even one of those students uses those tools to create financial freedom, that is a massive success. 

Here’s to strong future leaders!

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