Palm Trees Illustration

Have you checked on the HEALTH of your network lately?

And I don’t just mean your professional network.

Have you checked on the health of your personal network too?

Because there’s a big storm headed for us in 2023.

And before I tell you what this has to do with your network, let me tell you a little story about palm trees.

A while ago, I planted about 35 palm trees on the beach where I live in Miami. 

In the first year, these trees start off with big root balls that grow deep into the ground.

But they don’t just grow downwards.

As they get bigger and stronger, they all start connecting with one another. 

They form a huge, interconnected mass of roots… that is anchored deep into the ground.

One day, we had this big storm.

And if you live in Florida, you know how strong the rain and wind get here.

My wife looked out the window and told me, “Oh no, I think we’re going to lose that one tree!” 

I said, “Baby, that one tree is now connected to all the other 32 palm trees, okay? 

“That one tree isn’t going down by itself… it’s connected to a bunch of other healthy trees.”

So when the storm ends, every tree will be healthy and standing – thanks to the strength of its network.

Will you and your network be the same after the storm coming for us in 2023?

And by that, I mean the economic contraction headed our way.

Now is the time to decide what to do with YOUR network.

Now is the time to evaluate how healthy your connections are.

If you’re like me in my early 20s, then most of your connections are probably unhealthy. 

I remember I was surrounded by people who were broken.

Their mindsets were broken.

They’d given up on dreams too many times.

They were too fixated with the media and politics… to fix their own lives.

It’s not your fault if you find yourself surrounded by unhealthy connections.

Most of us were never taught to do anything better.

So consider this an urgent reminder to keep your network healthy.

Otherwise, you’ll stay spiritually connected to these people who are broken.

Because a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

So if you have a bunch of weak links around you, what do you do? 

You don’t get rid of them. 

You start replacing them.

And you start adding stronger links. 

You leverage the power of events and networks where you meet these stronger links.

And here’s how you can do so…

Show up for my Unbreakable Challenge, happening January 24-28.

It’s a live, online event packed with the secrets to building an unbreakable business… and it comes at zero cost to you.

Yes, I’ll be handing you my strong, thriving network for FREE.

And don’t just sign up by yourself.

Have your entire team… heck, have your whole company join and get a piece of the action.

Tell your family and friends about it. 

Improve the health of your network together…

And a year from now, you’ll be glad you did… when YOUR network is the one that’s still standing after the storm.

Be Great,

Grant Cardone

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