A-Rod Wealth

Former New York Yankee and 10X Growth Con guest, Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez is reportedly worth about $350 million. Yet A-Rod secured his bag by learning a valuable lesson early on in his career… “What you think are assets are liabilities, and whatever you think are liabilities are assets.” 

When Uncle G sat down with A-Rod, they could have talked about a lot of things…

The 22 seasons Rodriguez played in the major leagues, what it’s like winning a world series, and his philanthropic efforts. 

However, the topic quickly moved to Grant’s — and the baseball player’s — favorite subject, real estate

Alex Rodriguez spoke on how he noticed his peers buying multiple homes, cars, and expensive watches, yet these “assets” didn’t provide the cash flow to create true wealth. Nonetheless, he noticed what the super-wealthy were doing… 

“Most owners in sports all owned apartments,” A-Rod noted.

A-Rod’s Journey to Wealth: From a Duplex to 13,000 Units

From watching what the team owners were doing, A-Rod bought a duplex in Miami, Florida as his first real estate deal. He has since grown his real estate portfolio to approximately $1.5 billion in multifamily. This equals about 13,000 apartment units overall. 

As you can see, these successful ventures have been the true source of Alex Rodriguez’s wealth.

That being said, he did have some regrets about going into this space…

“My two regrets are that I didn’t buy enough and that I sold [assets],” he confessed.  

In short, A-Rod’s fireside conversation shows us that creating lasting wealth is a long game. Furthermore, you should consider paying attention to those who have accomplished it before you — and do the same. 


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