Business Problem

Today I’m going to put you squarely on the path to fixing the number one problem in your business.

It’s a problem you may not even know you have.

You might be thinking “sales is my #1 problem.”

But this problem is bigger.  It’s at the source of our lack of sales.  It’s at the source of every business problem you have.

I’m talking about employee disengagement.

When your staff is disengaged… everything suffers.

And the major reason for disengagement is NOT that your people don’t care… they do care.

The source of this disengagement is financial illiteracy.

Across the country, the percentage of employees who are disengaged matches the number of people who live paycheck to paycheck (76%) – almost exactly.

The Truth Is, Nobody Can Be Fully Motivated When Their Finances Are Broken

So, that financial illiteracy is costing them – and you – a fortune.

The solution is NOT to hand them money.  That won’t fix the financial illiteracy problem.  And it won’t make them more engaged.

Instead, you have to…

  • Educate them about the situation.
  • Encourage, inspire, and push them.  You can’t do the work for them – but you can help them want to do the work.
  • Provide them with an opportunity to solve the problem (an opportunity to become financially literate… to make more money so they can stop living paycheck-to-paycheck… and an opportunity become to investors.)
  • Provide them with a way to earn multiple flows of income.

In short, you show them – and then help them get – a brighter financial future.

And you’ll benefit too.

That’s because when you help your people become financially literate… they’ll automatically become more motivated and engaged.  And they’ll work hard to 10X your business every day.

Your #1 Business Growth Opportunity Right Now

Listen, I hope this article helps you.  Fixing employee disengagement is your number one opportunity in business.

But if you want to go deeper…

Your Timing Is Perfect

You see, in two and a half weeks. I’m putting on my famous 10X Business Boot Camp.

It’s a 3-day live, in-person event.

Over the course of those 3 days, we’ll go deep on…

  • How to solve employee disengagement.
  • My Wealth Creation Formula.
  • How to attract and retain great people.
  • Why the Business Cycle is more important than the sales cycle.
  • How to use social media to be “everywhere” – even on a small budget.
  • Simple ways to create and repurpose content (so you’re never stuck trying to figure out what to talk about again).
  • The biggest mistakes we’ve had growing our business to a 9-figure behemoth (so you don’t have to make the same mistakes).
  • 10 sales truths that will never fail you (#9 alone can single handedly transform your business overnight).
  • How and when to make proposals.
  • How to close deals.
  • Outrageous follow up strategies – and case studies of tactics that got dead deals closed.  Take the “pizza box” strategy.  Or the “milk carton” strategy.  You can immediately put those in play and close new deals.
  • How to create a business culture that makes scaling your business inevitable.
  • And so much more

Everything you need to grow a fantastic business… to be a hero to your family, staff, and the charities you support… is covered in these 3 days.

PLUS… we regularly sell this event at $6500 on our website.  But because you’re a faithful 10X Daily reader, I want to give you an incredible 92% off!

Go here to get all the details and see success story after success story of people whose lives were changed with this 3-day event.

If you’re serious about your life and your business, I expect to you see you there.

Hurry though!  Seats are filling fast.  And when the tickets sell out, the 92% discount disappears with them.

–   Grant Cardone


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