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It’s going to sound morbid… but I want you to do something for me. Before I ask you this strange question, here’s a bit of background. (It will prove I haven’t lost my mind)!

I meet many people who work hard their whole lives.  Whether that’s going to work for Procter & Gamble to bring in a salary every week…

Developing a new software tool and selling it online…

Writing a series of fiction novels…

Or raising 3 kids, etc.

It doesn’t really matter what type of work you do.  Just know that most people make the same mistake while doing it. 

I used to worry about what happens after I’m gone. 

I’m not talking about my funeral, my kids, or my financial affairs. (Thankfully, I have that stuff in order.)  

I’m talking about what would happen to all my hard work. 

Would my work vanish off the face of the earth with me?  Or would I leave a lasting mark? 

Most people don’t think about this stuff.  Which is the massive mistake I just mentioned.

Most people work hard their whole lives. Then, poof!  Not long after they leave the planet, it’s like they never even existed. 

Could you imagine that happening to you?

I understand if you don’t want to think about your last day on earth.  I mean, who wants to confront their mortality? 

But you have to plan for these things.

Because if you don’t, you risk leaving nothing behind when you’re gone. 

Think about it…

How much do you really know about your great-great-grandparents? 

If you’re like most people, I’ll bet you know very little.  No judgment by the way.  

I can count on one hand the facts I know about my ancestors. 

There’s a reason why we forget our ancestors so easily.  It’s because 99.9% of people don’t map out and create their legacy.

If you look up the word “legacy”, the dictionary says: 

“The long-lasting impact of particular actions that took place during a person’s life”

Does that sound like a good thing? 

Do you want to create a long-lasting impact in your lifetime? 

I know I do! 

Which brings me back to the thing I want you to do for me. 

I want you to imagine it’s 30… 40… 50 years from now.  And it’s your last day on earth.

Now, imagine someone is writing your obituary.  What would your obituary say?

  • Would it say you achieved everything you hoped you would achieve? 
  • Would it contain a long list of people you had touched with your efforts?
  • Would it talk about the massive contribution you made to the world?

Or – 

Would your obituary tell the story of someone who never really showed up… and just let life happen to them?   

I know these are strange questions to ask yourself… 

But if you take the time to answer them, you’ll thank yourself later.  

Because the way you answer these questions will get you thinking about your legacy.

They’ll force you to map out the actions you will take… so you can leave a lasting mark after you’ve gone. 

Now listen, thinking about your legacy may challenge you.  It may trigger intense discomfort.   

But if you want to play a bigger game, you must embrace discomfort. 

Most people avoid discomfort.  Which is why most people live dangerously “normal” lives.  

I use the word dangerous, because when I lived a normal life… My life almost got blown to pieces by an economic crisis.

I don’t want that for you.  I want you to build a life that’s bulletproof. 

Which is why I urge you to join my Build an Empire course while it only costs you $270.

This is the lowest price you will ever see me offering this course.

And it’s my gift to you during the holiday season.

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Before I put the price back up to $1,997.   

Build an empire, 

Elena Cardone

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