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For at-risk young women, it is difficult to see how circumstances don’t define the future — especially when in the midst of them. However, Stormy Wellington used herself as an example to counsel girls from the PACE Center in a powerful workshop at 10X HQ. 

The Grant Cardone Foundation recently partnered with the PACE Center for Girls and hosted 20 attendees for a mentoring workshop. The young women were given a tour of the 10X Headquarters where Grant Cardone’s companies are housed. 

Special guest Stormy Wellington then spoke directly to the girls of the program with a healthy dose of tough love. 

PACE Center for Girls Attendee

Owing to Wellington’s boldness and high energy, she got the girls to participate and open up.

In particular, Coach Stormy connected with them further because she was supposed to be a part of the PACE program as a youth due to her troubled childhood. 

This candor elicited honesty from the PACE Center girls regarding their hard upbringings. Some of them had come from backgrounds of crime and drug abuse. 

“At first, I felt embarrassed [to share my story] like she might judge me. But she gave a welcoming presence for me to give it to her. I felt good sharing it with her and her feedback.”

— Jana, workshop participant from the PACE Center for Girls

More importantly, Stormy also let them know there is a way out of their circumstances and inspired them to do more. 

Stormy Wellington tells girls from PACE Center, “Every defining moment is a lesson.”

After hearing from the young women, Coach Stormy encouraged them to use these hardships as a lesson.

Additionally, she emphasized they are not their friends and do not have to follow their peers’ paths. 

“Today I felt like the real me. I was thinking about me and not other problems that I have. I started thinking about what’s something I want to do.”

— Victoria, workshop participant from the PACE Center for Girls

The Grant Cardone Foundation’s goal is to provide real tools to at-risk youth to better their future. And there is no better word than real to describe Stormy Wellington.

Finally, Coach Stormy’s impact can be summed up with an additional statement from Jana. 

“I want to be an attorney… for the rights and justice of the people. I am going to take every defining moment as a step and as a lesson to do better.” 

PACE employees reported back to the GCF team that the participants were truly moved by the event. Staff from the center even caught some of the young women reading Stormy’s book on the bus ride back.

We look forward to working with Stormy Wellington again and touching more lives. 

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