Overthinking is one of the biggest reasons why you’re not successful already — which is exactly why you have to stop doing it.

Success is a mindset game. If you get your thoughts right, you’re well on your way to unlocking personal, professional, and financial freedom.

But there’s a major difference between 10X thinking and overthinking.

One will multiply your income, scale your business, and dramatically improve your life. The other will prevent you from making any of that possible in the first place.

How to stop overthinking — for good

There’s only one way to make overthinking a thing of the past. And it’s the very foundation of the 10X movement:


Let me put it this way.

Overthinking leads to procrastination, which results in one of the worst degrees of action — doing nothing.

When you take zero action, there’s no way you can move forward. You get stuck, become complacent, and trap yourself in the failing formula of being average.

On the other hand, what do you think happens when you switch gears, commit to the fourth degree of action, and operate on 10X levels?

You don’t have time to overthink — because you’re too busy making moves.

Make decisions quickly, with confidence, and in high volume. Repeat this every day, and you’ll see that it’ll be impossible to think things through too much. Your #1 priority becomes doing whatever it takes to keep moving, acting, and growing.

Focus on your next action and take positive actions today in order to create a great future for your tomorrow.

Start now

When you look at overthinking this way, you see it for exactly what it is — a roadblock to your success.

Use this new perspective as fuel to keep you on the right track of taking continuous action. Not tomorrow, not later today. There’s no excuse to be putting off whatever you need to be doing because you make things more complicated than they really are.

Begin now with one step towards that huge goal you’ve been setting to the side. Then another step, and another, until 10X action becomes a part of who you are as a person.



  1. 10000% accurate. I’m guilty of this, along with being a perfectionist (or at least trying).

    Absolutely kills your hustle. Nothing is worse.

    Thankfully I’m on a program and have since been fully recovered.

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