Stephen Smith 10X Growth Con

The second day of 10X Growth Con ended strong with a fireside conversation with famed broadcaster Stephen A. Smith. Despite his top ratings today, the television mainstay was not born with the confidence to be on the air a minimum of 13 hours a week… 

Stephen Smith confided in Grant — and the 10X Growth Con audience — that he had to overcome adversity and keep a chip on his shoulder to reach his full potential

The first obstacle Smith faced came at a young age…

How Stephen Smith Overcame Adversity Early On

Stephen was held back in school in the third grade. 

He recalled his father saying to his mother, “Just face it, the boy ain’t smart.” 

Instead of shrinking at this statement, young Stephen took it as a challenge and passed — just to prove his father wrong. 


As a result, Grant said it sounded like the sports analyst had a chip on his shoulder

“Yes, it sounds like I have a chip on my shoulder, but all the greats I know do,” Stephen replied. “The difference is you need to determine if someone is underestimating you or pushing you.”

After that, GC followed up with how is it that Smith doesn’t get nervous on camera. His answer was no less than iconic… 

Stephen Smith Owning It at 10X Growth Con

Remember, Stephen Smith is on live TV for at least two hours every day

That means no second takes. Millions of people will see any mistake you make… 

And he’s not worried about it. 

“I know that the audience is there to watch and be entertained by me. So, why should I be nervous?” Smith said. “No matter what else is going on… Bring it. […] When the lights come on, I’m going to be ready.”

Ultimately, Stephen Smith’s message is more than the old adage, “Fake it till you make it.” He speaks about knowing what you’re worth and pushing yourself to be better. 

Finally, what’s the key takeaway from Stephen Smith at 10X Growth Conference 2023?

Own your success.

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