You’ve been wanting to start your company for what feels like forever. When it comes down to it, how can you finally get it done? 

Starting your own company is exciting and scary at the same time. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that most people have a great business idea but they never get started! 

They let their fear get the best of them. I believe that is the result of a lack of knowledge. 

In this article, I am going to share some tools that can give you the push to finally start your own ventures.

The key to start your company

Before we even begin, I need you to do something. The rest of the tools I give you won’t work without this first step. 

You have to make a commitment. 

I need you to be committed to getting your company off the ground — no matter what.

Got it? Good. Now, we can get started. 

Do some reverse engineering

For the reverse engineering exercise, I suggest you get a pen and pad of paper. Write down exactly what your company would look like if everything was perfect. 

  • How much money would you be making?
  • What kind of equipment or inventory would you need?
  • Do you know how many employees that perfect scene would take? 

This exercise helps you become focused and clear. However, answering these questions doesn’t just help you visualize what you want. Once you see that, you can start to see the tasks it would take to finally start your company and Create Your Wealth.

Working backward from what you want helps you see the HOW

I need X to get Y. 

This is how you can finally start your own company, no matter what industry you are in. I’m not telling you anything new. It takes commitment and elbow grease. 

But I know you can do it and build your empire,

Elena Cardone 

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