Starlink Antenna

Well-known space industry disruptors, SpaceX just announced the latest model of their signature Starlink Antenna…

But this one can come with you anywhere you go.

The new Starlink Mini is a personal, portable antenna…

Made for anyone looking to have satellite internet anywhere and everywhere. 

Here’s what you need to know…

SpaceX announced the Mini Starlink antenna as a portable, compact internet option.

With this latest announcement, it seems that SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk is finally getting the good news he’s been needing.  

Since debuting its Starlink network and satellite service in 2020, SpaceX has managed to get over 6,000 satellites in orbit…

Servicing over three million customers.

It only makes sense that the company would put a Starlink Mini antenna right in your bag. 

The mini antenna is about the same size as a laptop and weighs around two pounds. For comparison, the Macbook Pro weighs 3.4 pounds. 

But this modest size can do giant things. 

For starters, the compact kit also features a built-in wifi router, with download speeds of over 100 megabits. 

In terms of the data, the service provides customers with 50 gigabytes of data per month, with more data available for purchase.

A Lotta Power For A Lotta Moolah

But the latest tech in Starlink antennas doesn’t come for cheap. 


On top of that, service for the Starlink mini antenna will run you an additional $150 per month. 

SpaceX, however, knows that this is a hefty price tag, and the company stated that it’s working on lowering the price as soon as it can. 

Deliveries are yet to begin, but SpaceX also stated that production for the antenna is picking up…

And that the Starlink Mini antenna will be available internationally at a later date.

Be Great, 

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