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Figuring out how to reduce instances of employee theft is a common problem that all retail managers must engage at one time or another. For many it may be a daily occurrence. As with any problem, there are myriad ways of solving it, some better than others. Unfortunately, it seems that at least two major retail chains have implemented the policy of forbidding cashiers to manually input an item’s price if its barcode won’t scan. In practice, this policy can mean longer lines for the customer and decreased sales for the company. It also strips workers of their dignity, lowering them to the level of common criminals, scrutinized in their every movement. It makes you wonder what would happen if businesses treated their employees with respect and paid them a livable wage. What effect would that have on employee theft? Studies show that higher wages can lead to a decrease in employee theft through increased loyalty and employee engagement. Then, stick around for Coco’s exclusive interview with Steve Rushing, patent lawyer and co-founder of Patent Monk. Patent Monk is a wonderful innovation in the world of patent research. Their new approach to what a patent search engine should look like and how it should function are great advancements that have the potential to revolutionize the way people look at patents.


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