For us ladies, social media holds immeasurable value as a modern empire-building tool. Right now, there’s no better way to get your name out there. And in a moment, I’m going to share with you my step-by-step guide with ALL the strategies I’ve used to build my brand voice on social media…

But first, let me give you some context on why social media platforms are so important for me as a woman in business.

Over the years, I’ve built a community with hundreds of thousands of Empire Builders. And I’m incredibly grateful for every person I’ve connected with in the process.

By maintaining an active social media presence, I’ve been able to:

  • Create a timeless personal brand to inspire like-minded ladies
  • Reach and help more people than I would have ever thought possible
  • Collaborate with the most intelligent, hardworking, and powerful women in the game as your target audience

And it wouldn’t have been possible without social media… 

Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. TikTok. All these social media accounts are priceless — if you know how to make the most of them. 

But Why Should YOU Brand Yourself with a Social Media Strategy?

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, how you make a living, or where you are in your career. Social media has the power to multiply all the efforts you’re making to succeed.

Take a look at these examples:

  • Small Business Owner — acting as a brand ambassador for your products and services on Instagram.
  • C-Level Executive — sharing your expertise, guidance, and opinion on corporate trends via LinkedIn.
  • Personal Trainer — providing value through workout and training videos on YouTube.
  • Professional Coach — guiding potential clients with useful tips and resources on TikTok.
  • Author — teasing new book releases with quotes and excerpts on Twitter.

What do all these random scenarios show? Any type of Empire Builder can benefit from a strong personal brand on social media.

If you’re still on the fence about this, here are a few more surprising perks to consider:

  • Awareness — The more people know you, the more influence you have to help others, fulfill your purpose, and expand your empire.
  • Connections Social media is the best environment for digitally networking with other women. It allows you to reach out to thought leaders across the world to work together.
  • Business — “Money” isn’t a dirty word; it’s a significant pillar of your empire. And when all is said and done, unforgettable personal brand elements breed wealth. 

So, let’s get to work…

My Personal Social Media Brand Guide for Women: 7 Simple Steps to Follow

1. Establish Branding Essentials

Firstly, you need to create the foundation for your personal brand identity. Set some time aside to dig deep and truly understand your mission.

If you’re feeling a little lost, these questions will help you get on the right track:

  • What are your areas of expertise? 
  • Who do you serve?
  • Why are you doing what you do?
  • How do you help the people in your community?

For example, the core of my personal brand looks like this:


And guess where you can find it?

My Instagram bio.

Instagram Bio Elena Cardone

The key here is to discover who you are and communicate it online. This is the heart of your personal brand. The bedrock of your empire.

So, develop a powerful brand name statement. Display it in all social media bios. And always include a link to your website, portfolio, or offer with a compelling call to action (CTA).

2. Select and Use Brand Colors

Ideally, you should have a logo designed for your personal brand. Yet realistically, not everyone is in a position to invest in professional branding when starting out with social media marketing.

What you can do — regardless of budget — is choose a color palette you resonate with.

My brand colors, for example, are gold, black, and white: the perfect tones for an Empire. I use them consistently in the photos, offers, and merch I promote online.

In your case, your brand colors can reflect your industry, services, or even personality:

  • Green goes well for health, fitness, and wellbeing brands.
  • Orange is great for someone with an outgoing, adventurous, and fun personality.
  • Blue conveys business, and it’s an excellent choice for executives. 

After you pick a few representative colors, use them everywhere. Event posters. Quote graphics. Even the clothes you wear in photos.

The more you work these colors into your content, the more professional and in-depth your personal brand becomes.

3. Create Across Multiple Platforms

Grant always talks about this concept of “omnipresence”. In short, the idea is to be everywhere at the same time. 

And these days, you can’t have a powerful brand without social media omnipresence.

Sure, you might prefer one social network over another. For instance, I love posting on Instagram the most. I feel I can get closer to my community with Stories and Reels. At the same time, I can also share professional content, photos from my latest shoots, and promote my masterminds.

But that doesn’t mean I put all my eggs in one basket…

You’ll also find: 

  • Interviews on my YouTube channel
  • Inspirational quotes on my Twitter page
  • Snippets from my speaking engagements on TikTok

For you, I recommend sharing content on any and every platform which is relevant for your business, career, and purpose. 

Although you might prioritize a certain social media channel, make your presence known everywhere you can. 

4. Share Both Personal and Professional Content

A true empire has several pillars which stand strong together

You can master your finances while you cultivate a thriving marriage. Be a successful businesswoman and a devoted mother at the same time. 

You work hard to have it all — so why not share it with the world?

Even if your personal brand image focuses on your business, show who’s behind the scenes. If you’re a one-woman team, even better. 


Go on and share that beautiful family photo. Your child’s latest achievement. A quick selfie video with whatever has been on your mind lately.

In doing so, you are building an authentic connection with your followers

Of course, you want to be selective about the personal updates you put online. Don’t air your dirty laundry, and handle any affairs offline.

But in general, balancing professional content with personal moments will strengthen your consistent brand personality.

5. Develop Discipline for Consistency

In my book, “Build an Empire: How to Have It All”, I talk about the importance of looking at discipline as a powerful addition to your toolbox. 

You see, without discipline, you can’t become consistent. And consistency is critical to social media success.

Take a moment to study your favorite high-level content creators. Scroll through their social media feeds. 

What do you notice?

Nine times out of ten, these people are posting consistently, often every day. And to build an equally engaged community, you need to do the same.

If you’re not accustomed to holding yourself accountable, it’s going to be a bumpy ride in the beginning. 

But I assure you… practice does make perfect. 

You can start out with a smaller amount of content, if this feels less overwhelming. Here’s an example you could ease into for the first few weeks:

  • 4 x Instagram stories
  • 3 x Instagram posts
  • 2 x TikToks
  • 1 x YouTube video

If this seems like a LOT to handle, let me share an insider tip with you.

You can create all this content in one day, in a matter of hours.

  • Pick three outfits and take a different photo in each one
  • Shoot the long-form video for YouTube
  • Cut your favorite parts from the main video for TikToks
  • Choose another four short sections for Instagram stories 

Doesn’t seem that intimidating now, does it?

All in all, preparing, batching, and repurposing social media content will save you a ton of time. As you develop more discipline and consistency, you’ll be able to increase the numbers. 

And you’ll be on your way to posting every day across platforms in no time.

6. Connect, Engage, and Collaborate with Other Women

I often talk about the power of networking with other women, both online and offline. 

And when you’re on a mission to build a great brand on social media, these conversations become more important than ever.

By connecting with incredible women in your field, you are laying the groundwork for endless opportunities

What starts as back-and-forth comments can turn into real-life ventures. 

And you never know who your next business partner or collaborator could be… 

So, why not invest time in building professional relationships online?

Here are a few ideas to help you start networking:

  • Join and participate in Facebook groups where your peers spend time
  • Search for specific people on LinkedIn and send a request to connect with a personal note
  • Look up the most popular hashtags in your industry on Instagram and leave thoughtful comments on the latest tweets and social media posts

After you have some relationships going, extend invitations to collaborate. Ask if they want to be a guest on your YouTube channel. Organize a giveaway together. Go even bigger and co-host a live event side-by-side.

There’s no limit to the success you can share. 

Women are stronger in numbers, and working together leads to greatness. 

7. Expand Your Personal Brand OFF Social Media

The last piece of my personal brand guide will take you beyond the social media space.

To get the full picture of what I’m about to say, you need to do some future pacing…

Imagine your social media results a few months from now. 

You’ve been putting in all the hard work, not missing a day, and staying on-brand with all your content. 

In the process, you’ve also built an active online community. And you’ve made some exceptional connections.

Now, it’s time to scale. 

Take your brand to the next level with products, services, and experiences which bridge the gap between online and offline:

  • Merchandise
  • Workshops
  • Speaking engagements

Once you reach this point, you also have to realize… 


Hire a team of trusted professionals to help you out in each area. This will help you streamline processes and create more value for your virtual and in-person community.

But until you get here, you have to focus on the hardest part… 


Your Turn — Here’s an Exercise to Start Shaping Your Personal Brand on Social Media

Before you begin posting, go back to the first step I shared in this guide — creating the foundation for your social media brand.

To make the branding process and marketing strategy even easier for you, here is a template with some statements you can fill out for more insights:

  • My name is ________________ and my mission is to help ________________ achieve ________________.
  • My core values are ________________, ________________, and ________________.
  • I am an expert in the ________________ industry. I have been ________________ for ________________ years.
  • I support my clients and community by ________________, ________________, and ________________. 
  • The “why” behind my mission is ________________.

Now, are you ready?

Take a leap of faith, build your personal brand, and use social media to reach your full potential.

And as always…

Build an Empire,

Elena Cardone

Disclosure: This content is intended to be used for educational and informational purposes only. Individual results may vary. You should perform your own due diligence and seek the advice from a professional to verify any information on our website or materials that you are relying upon if you choose to make an investment or business decision. Investment, real estate, and business involve great risk and there is no guarantee of performance or results.

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