As you may or may not know, I skydived into Marlins Stadium to kick off 10X Growth Conference 2019. It sounds crazy, but when you are hosting an event at the same time as the Super Bowl, you need to make a big impression. However, jumping out of a plane wasn’t just to show off… 

Okay, I admit it. Of course, I pursued skydiving into 10X Growth Conference to cause some commotion around the event. Also, I did it because it terrified me…

I was sweating bullets the whole ride up. 35,000 people were going to watch me make the entrance of a lifetime or become a grass stain — including Elena and the girls. 

The stakes were high, which made it all the more rewarding when I stuck the landing.

But if you know me, I never do anything for just one reason.

The suit I wore skydiving into the stadium was a custom-made 10X suit. One of a kind.

So, I started an impromptu auction for it right from the stage… 

The $20k Story Behind Skydiving into 10X Growth Conference

To begin with, I asked the crowd how much they would pay for the yellow jumpsuit I wore, all of which I would donate to charity

I heard $400, $1,000… 

Gradually, the attendees went up to $4,000 on their own…

But I knew we could do better than that.

I said the first one to run up on stage and hand me $10k could have the damn thing. 

Attendees in the front rushed to the stage. But in the end, a 10X’er named Joe Lane was the one who made it. Not only that, he threw an additional $10,000 into the deal since it was for a good cause

“I didn’t want that ugly-a** thing. it was never about the jumpsuit. I grew up without a dad. Some people are so poor, all they have is money. It’s your fault you only got $20k, I had a lot more…”

— Joe Lane at 10X Growth Conference

The Bigger Picture 

On one hand, skydiving into the 10X Growth Conference was to prove something to myself. More importantly, it was to bring awareness and financial support to humanitarian efforts

Money follows attention — use that cash for great purposes

Grant Cardone

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