Yes, Bigger is Better

If you have an ambition, a drive, or a goal to dominate something, if you have the passion to do something… then you have the key ingredients to creating a successful business. But did you know size matters when it comes to determining the impact of your business?

So how do you become an expert in something? How do you become KNOWN for something, and for being the best at it?

You do it by AMPLIFYING and MAGNIFYING your impact. 

Your passion will bring you freedom

If you want to achieve freedom–financial freedom and passion freedom–start with your passion.

Here’s the thing some business owners fail to understand… you don’t have to like the “thing” you’re doing… you just have to be passionate about the impact that “thing” that you’re doing is causing. You want to be actively conscious of what your business—the service you’re providing—is doing for everyone that interacts with your company.  

Find your passion in the RESULT of what you DO, not in what you’re doing. 

When it comes to my passion, I find it in helping business owners succeed without them having to give up or lose control of their business. I want to help them scale, grow, and create massive value in their personal, professional, and financial lives. 

You also want to make sure that no matter if you’re on employee number one or 309, your message should stay the same

For example, your message can be something like, “We are gonna impact the lives of the people we serve through better hearing” or “We are gonna impact the lives of the people we serve through the growth of their business”. Because of the passion, the hard work, and dedicated team members, you’ll be able to effectively deliver that message, not only to your current and future employees but to the world

Size matters, because the bigger you get, the more impact you create

Success happens with flawed execution

It’s how you handle when it IS flawed that allows you to elevate to the next level or… become irrelevant. 

This is important because business owners struggle, and they end up contracting to become small again so they regain some control on what they have. 

Most business owners that try to grow try to become significant in the thing that they’re passionate about. They then struggle, go backward and stay small… and most of them become very unhappy. They lose their passion for the business. Because the business consumes their time, energy, and mindshare. In the end, they can become bitter because their business isn’t giving back what they’ve put in. 

So when you stay small, it grinds you down

It wears you out. You start avoiding the things that gave you passion for the business because they start to wear you down… your business can then steal your ambition due to it being so complex and having to do the same thing over and over and over…

But keep in mind…

The BEST businesses do the same thing over and over 

Because the top businesses know that mastering what works and making it better is how you get bigger. They realize that size matters.

This is granular incremental improvement which Jim Collins talks about–the two types of innovation: radical or granular. By doing the same thing every day, your impact becomes more profound. 

You have to grow your business if you want to take the redundancy out of it. You need to bring people into your business that will keep doing what you’ve been doing—every day—in order to make time for other things that are going to GROW your business. 

Things that are going to make your business BIGGER and BETTER. 

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