If there’s one thing I believe in when it comes to setting yourself up for success, it’s how you start your day. I’ve had a morning routine for years that’s helped me always start my day strong so I can dominate. 

I do a few things, but a couple of the main ones are simple and easy to execute.  

If you want to get into the right mindset as you head into your day then make sure to keep reading so you can execute, thrive and dominate your day.

1Beat the Sun Up

Wherever I am… Whatever I’m doing… I make sure to wake up at the same time every day and beat the sun up and the reason is simple. Beating the sun up every day can you give you a sense of accomplishment right out of the gate as you start your day. 

It’s a non-negotiable for me and gives me the confidence I need and the belief in myself that I can do what I say I’m gonna do. And… It saturates the rest of my day because when I walk into meetings or get on a call they feel that belief and confidence as well. 

2Write Down Your Goals

My second non-negotiable task for setting yourself up for success is simple as well. I write my goals down every morning. Now, notice I didn’t say that I read my goals. I’m not talking about having them typed out on a note on your phone so you can passively read them. I’m talking about getting out a pen and paper and actively writing them out. There’s something powerful about the physical act of writing out your goals, and here’s a tip…

Write them out as if you’ve already accomplished them. Make them real and then walk the walk as if they already exist in your life. 

Look, I don’t know why it works, but it does. And, I can look back on the goals I wrote 10 years ago and see that not only did I accomplish them, but I 10Xed every single goal. 

Just doing these two steps will put you on a powerful path and set you up for success every day of your life, but… 

There’s actually a third one that might be a difference-maker for you as well. 

3Do The Opposite

If you were ever a fan of the hit TV show, Seinfeld, then you might remember the episode about Opposite Day. It’s the one where a character named George realizes that every decision he’s ever made has led him to where he is today. Middle age, unemployed, and living with his parents. So…

He decides to start doing the opposite of what he would normally do. 

“Grant, what are you talking about?!”

Look, what I’m saying is if your day starts in a way that’s unproductive then do the opposite! 

If you wake up sluggish and stumble into work half asleep then do the opposite. Wake up early, throw on some upbeat music or a training program from Cardone U, get out and walk the dog or get in a quick workout. Start your day with energy! Or…

If you wake up every morning with a million things to do and everything is a panicked rush then flip the script. 

Wake up early and do some breathing exercises. Meditate or pray. Start your day with focus so you can take control of your morning and glide through the rest of your day with laser-like precision. 

Your days are yours and it’s vital that you do whatever you can to take control and guide your life in the direction you want it to go. 

Get up, get it done, and be Great,

Grant Cardone


  1. Da savjet su životni i primjenjujem ih dugo i dosta mojih ciljeva je ostvareno, ali zbod bolesti sada mi je jedini cilj da ozdravim.

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