Self Published Books & Making Money Online with Cory Shanes

What’s more important? Publishing Your Book? Or: Building A 6-7 Figure Business Behind It? Trevor interviews Cory Shanes, about how he assists clients with making money online. It’s as if ‘he just can’t help himself…’ All of his clients have a money making plan that creates results like turning on water from a hose! Trevor digs deep to find out how he does it. How he uses books to build a brand, and how to sell products that build big business. Lots of gems in this one! Cory Shanes is a Serial Entrepreneur and Online Business Consultant, he is also known as the 24/7 Entrepreneur – meaning he helps transform your business into one that makes you money 24 hours a day 7 days a week, regardless of if you are working, playing, or sleeping. His free gift to viewers is his Mind Map to help people grow an audience, and get paid, doing what you love to do. In fact, he outlines how you should ONLY do stuff you love… and in doing so… you can make more money in your business. YOUR FREE GIFT, Click Here:


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