Secrets to Closing the Sale – Part 3

closing the sale

In my last article, I talked to you about getting your head right.  

And I shared with you the 7 Requirements for Closing the Sale.

Now, in today’s article I want to share with you…


8 Reasons You Struggle in the Close


1You Have No Commitment to Greatness

You have to commit to your own success.  That means spending time learning.  It means spending time role playing.  And it means spending time around the right people.  

If you’re surrounded by average people, you’ll stay average.

You have to commit to greatness as a sales pro and in all areas of your life.  Or it will never happen.

2You Have a Shortage of Closing Material

Have you ever noticed that if you truly understand a subject – you don’t usually hate it?

Well, if you hate closing, it’s because you don’t understand it – yet.  Or you don’t understand your product.

And in order to understand how to close what you’re selling…

You need to have a lot of material at your fingertips.

You need stats.  You need rebuttals to objections.  You need all kinds of proof that what you’re selling works – testimonials, case studies, demonstration proof.

There are 17 different kinds of proof.  And you need all of them.

The more closing material you have… the better at closing you get… the more you’ll love closing.

3You Believe Price is the Issue

Every price you see, someone made that price up.  The dollar… gold… oil… the car you’re dying to get an iPhone… it’s all made up.

Price is an illusion.  

Think of it this way – for even the most expensive things in the world… there’s someone who’s willing to pay for it.

The only time price is really the issue is when you haven’t demonstrated enough value.

Or if you’re talking to people who just can’t get the money.   If that’s the case, you need to re-read my email from yesterday.

4You Buy the Customer’s Story

You’ve heard the saying “buyers are liars.”  It’s true.  Buyers tell little lies all the time – stories designed to sell you on why they shouldn’t buy.

“I’m just looking.” 

“You’re the only vendor we’re looking at.”

“I need time to make a decision.”

Most of the time, they’re B.S.

They’re just selling you on why they shouldn’t buy.

Yes, they’re selling YOU.

If you have a 25% closing rate?  Guess what – you’re being sold 75% of the time.

So stop buying their story.

5You’re Unwilling to Pressure the Prospect

This is the big one.

Most sales people are scared to pressure the prospect into a decision.

Those sales people are robbing their family of the good things in life.

If that’s you, stop it.

It’s your job to pressure the prospect.  And it’s actually valuable to them.

If they’re in limbo, unable to make a decision, that indecision eats away at their psyche.

Once they make a decision, it actually relieves the pressure – whether they buy or not.  And that’s doing them a service.

Pressure is your friend.

6You Lack Real Financial Goals

I hear so many reps saying, “I’m good on 50.”  

No you’re not.  

Nobody in America is living the kind of life they want on $50K a year.  On $50K, you’re a sitting duck.  All it takes is one setback or one family emergency to bring financial ruin on your head. 

If you set the bar too low, you’ll be lazy in the close because you’ll think, “I don’t really need this one.”

Set the bar high instead, and stay hungry.

7You Don’t Have Training

Sure, you might have raw sales talent.  But if you want to be a pro, you need professional training.

And if you run a team, your team needs professional training too.  

If you don’t have cutting-edge daily sales training that turns average sales people into rock stars… what are you doing?  

You’re just going through the motions, that’s what.  And you’re leaving a ton of cash on the table.

Schedule a call with my team and we’ll get you fixed up.

8You’re Not Sold 

If you don’t have confidence in yourself… or if you don’t have confidence in your product… you won’t close.

So, what do you do?

If you aren’t confident in what you’re selling – and you’ve learned everything there is to know about it –  find something better to sell.

If you’re not confident in yourself?  Grab my 10X Rule book for free – and get your head right.

Keeping it real…

– Grant “Master Closer” Cardone

P.S. – #5 is the biggest reason people struggle to close.  And it’s the easiest thing to fix.


  1. Thanks so sorry for being late today to see your response. Please advise of ho to get my head straight on success.

  2. I read this too met if it I learned from my protrolium selling dad when I was 18 but it’s right on you are good ,I watched my new boots dressed to the nines I. His country suit he wore every day to drive to dalas from Fort Worth every day to hydtotex industries in Dallas to train said men he was good I heard him sell 30.000 dollars in lubricants on the phone in 45 minutes he did it the old fashions way there wasn’t an internet then but we lived in a upscale two story house in wedge wood fort worth cause dad wanted hi family to never need anything and he did that! With style and a horse shoe diamond ring!


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