Secrets to Closing the Sale – Part 2

closing the sale 2

In my last article from this series, I talked to you about getting your head right.

I covered some key points about closing the sale.

I’m going to repeat them here because repetition is one of the best ways to learn.

  • If you can close, you can sell.  The rest is easy by comparison.
  • The close is for the customer, not you.  Closing is the only way the customer gets to fix their problem.
  • If you don’t close, you don’t get the money.  And if you don’t get the money, you can help others to the same extent.

Today, I want to take you through the 7 Requirements for Closing the sale.

If you’re a good closer already, some of these you know

But I bet you’re not doing #7.  And it alone can double or triple your closing rate.

1You have to be dealing with the true decision maker.  

And if there’s more than 1, you have to be dealing with all of them.   Figure this out early otherwise you’re wasting everyone’s time.

2You have to be dealing with a prospect that has the wherewithal 

Wherewithal – the ability to pay.  Most prospects can get the money if they want what you’re selling badly enough.  But there are times when they just can’t.   Don’t spend your business hours trying to sell someone who can’t buy.

3You have to be sold on the product. 

If you’re selling something you don’t believe in, that shows through in your confidence.  And that lack of confidence kills sales.

4You have to believe in you

Don’t stay out drinking or partying the night before.  You’ll only drag yourself through the next day.  You have to believe in yourself enough to act like a pro.

5Your buyer has to have confidence in the product.  

The product has to solve a real problem.   And the prospect has to believe 100% that it will.

6You need to present a written offer. 

72% of sales people don’t use written offers.  Instead, they expect the prospect to remember all the details… which is confusing.  And confused people don’t buy.

7Your offer has to have urgency built in. 

It’s not enough to make your prospect want to buy… they have to want to buy NOW.  They have to have a reason to get off the fence.  Maybe your price is only good until midnight.  Or maybe you throw in a value-add bonus if they pull the trigger today.  Figure out a way to add urgency into your sales presentations and your closing rate will skyrocket.

OK, there are the 7 must-haves for closing.

Print this email out and keep it by your desk.  It’s like a killer closing checklist.  And if you follow it on every call, it won’t let you down.

Next I’m going to share with you WHY you struggle to close – even when you have each of these 7 requirements in place.

– Grant

P.S. – if you have a sales team, and you want to turn them into master closers, hop on a call with my team and we’ll show you the way.



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