Secrets of Closing the Sale – Push the Pain?

closing the sale

Bring on the Pain

Most people will do just about anything to avoid pain.  Even if that pain leads to big rewards.

For instance, we have an obesity epidemic in this country.  An epidemic that has caused a flood of health problems.   Most of those people wouldn’t have those problems if they welcomed the pain of working out.  Or the pain of depriving themselves of the food they want.

I’m not down on these people… I’m just saying they’d eventually be happier if they embraced pain for a while.  The longer they leave it, the more pain they’re going to have to go through.   And they’ll be in pain either way – if they don’t go through the pain of getting healthy… they’ll have the pain of disease.

It’s the same when it comes to sales.  

Getting better at closing can be painful.  It’s painful – to put pressure on a prospect – even if you know it’s the right thing to do.

It’s painful to get doors slammed in your face over and over.

And it’s painful to hear “no” all day long.

But the Solution is Not to Run Away From Pain…  

The solution is to attach more pain to NOT closing than you do to putting your reps in.

What’s more painful?  Short term rejection from someone you don’t even know…

Or the long term pain that happens when you don’t close?

When you fail to close, you…

  • Lose confidence (so getting back on the horse becomes harder).
  • Lose security (job security, money security, and more).
  • Lose time (and have to start all over again).
  • Lose momentum (which is incredibly difficult to get back).

It’s pretty clear.  The pain of NOT closing far outweighs the pain of doing what you need to do to close in the first place.

So the next time you shy away from doing the things you have to do to close, I want you to remember the far worse pain that will come if you don’t.

I also want you to remember…

It’s Not Just About You

When you fail to close, you fail your prospect too.

That’s because your buyer…

  • Doesn’t get your product.  So they never solve their problem.
  • Doesn’t get to upgrade their status.
  • Has to go through the whole cycle with someone else.

When you don’t close, you keep the buyer in pain.

As I said, it’s not just about you.

Remember all this when you’re scared and want to give up.

If you want to be a winner, embrace the pain.  

Keeping it real…

 – Grant “Master Closer” Cardone

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