Sales Quota

If you’re a sales person, you most certainly have a quota.

And if you’re a business owner, you probably have revenue quotas too.

You might think they’re a good thing.  

That people rise to meet their quota.

But if you’re just setting typical quotas – and leaving it at that – you’re leaving a pile of cash on the table.

Think about top sales people.

The best of the best don’t care about quotas.  They ignore them.

Instead, they look at their potential.

Which would you rather have…

A salesperson who does their best to hit a quota?

Or a sales pro who ignores the lower limit of that ‘realistic’ quota… and aims for their full potential instead?

“Yeah, the boss wants a 10% lift from last year.  But I know I’m capable of doubling my sales this year.”

That’s the kind of person you want to be.   

And that’s the kind of people you want on your team…

People who are self-motivated to do more. And to be more.

So, if you’re a sales pro, ignore that quota – that’s a path to being mediocre.  Aim for your HIGHEST potential instead.  

That will keep you motivated like nothing else can.

And if you’re a business owner… 

Focus on finding people who look at hitting quota as a failure.


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Keeping it real,

–   Grant Cardone


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