UPDATE: What Happened to the Russian Journalist Protestor?


After making headlines last month as the courageous Russian journalist protestor, Marina Ovsyannikova is back in the news…

Marina Ovsyannikova Russian journalist protestor

It is not always easy to stand up for what you believe in, especially when your opinion is at odds with your country’s political climate. 

Last month, Marina Ovsyannikova interrupted Russia’s most-watched program, Vremya. The Russian journalist protestor used a sign behind her to criticize the invasion of Ukraine live on state-controlled Channel One. 

As a result, Ovsyannikova was detained and interrogated for 14 hours, then fined 30,000 rubles (approximately $370). She was also fired from the Russian TV outlet, Channel One, where she was a producer. 

Following the incident, the Kremlin has been even tougher on media outlets throughout Russia. They have threatened to revoke citizenship to those who don’t adhere to their guidelines. 

However, Marina’s story has a different ending. 

Latest news on Marina Ovsyannikova, the Russian journalist protestor

Last week, German media outlet Welt announced that they hired the Russian journalist protestor as a correspondent.

Marina Ovsyannikova will be both appearing on camera and writing for the Welt newspaper. 

Ovsyannikova speaks both Russian and English. As a result, she will be reporting from Ukraine and Russia, according to Welt parent company Axel Springer SE

When asked why she made the protest in March, Ovsyannikova stated: 

“Moral principles were more important than wellbeing, peace of mind, and orderly living… The war in Ukraine was the point of no return and silence was no longer an option.” 

— Marina Ovsyannikova

The Russian journalist protestor has received harassment on social media and criticism from her peers. They have accused her of being British intelligence and called a variety of offensive epithets for a simple sign. 

Despite all that, it is clear that Marina Ovsyannikova stayed true to what she felt was right.

What could have been the end of her career — and even life — has turned out to be a new opportunity. 

Featured image source: Facebook / Marina Ovsyannikova

H/T: Bloomberg

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