Unbreakable Business Challenge special guest Russell Brunson isn’t just the KING of sales funnels. He wrote the rules of the game — alongside four bestselling books about online marketing. From selling potato gun DVDs to creating millionaires, here is how Brunson ascended his ClickFunnels throne.

While most of his peers watched cartoons after school, 12-year-old Russell Brunson was glued to the TV for another reason… 

The commercials

However, young Brunson was enamored with all sorts of advertising, from direct mail to newspaper ads. One cannot help to infer that it was foreshadowing his future success.

Nonetheless, ClickFunnels was born from issues the marketing wizard faced as a burgeoning entrepreneur… 

Russell Brunson Proves that Pressure Makes Diamonds… and Sales Funnels

Only one year after college, Russell Brunson had already achieved accolades and millionaire status in network marketing. Still, he found himself frustrated with software limitations and the clunky strategy to generate leads during that era. 

For this reason — despite having no venture capital — he created ClickFunnels. But there was one little problem… 

On launch day in 2014, the orders for the revolutionary software were not pouring in like Brunson and his co-founder hoped. Using some quick thinking, he immediately began demonstrating the product live — which resulted in a 30% spike in sales

With that, the webinar strategy came to life.

The Rest Is History

Within three years of that fateful launch, the company amassed $100 million in annual sales. Additionally, ClickFunnels has over 100,000 paying members — the Cardone Training Technologies team included! 

Since then, Russell Brunson has created templates that any entrepreneur can use to get eyes and more conversions for their offers.

We bring forward thinkers like him to the Unbreakable Business Challenge to show that every decision you make matters.

And when choosing between fight or flight, always fight…

And choose greatness.

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