RuQuan Brown from 10X Pitch Off

At the latest 10X Pitch Off, four young entrepreneurs from Tumaini DC received a total of $25,000 to 10X their businesses. Now, the Grant Cardone Foundation will be shining the spotlight on each winner. First up is RuQuan Brown, an Ivy League student with a triumphant story…

At age 20, RuQuan “Ru” Brown has more accomplishments than many attain in a lifetime.

Harvard University student. Prolific athlete. Relentless activist. Ambitious entrepreneur. Brown is also a gifted speaker, as reflected in his “Best Presenter” award at the 10X Pitch Off.

Year after year, in true 10X spirit, RuQuan sets incredible goals and follows them to completion with massive action.

But his ongoing journey to success has been no easy feat.

The Road to Harvard

In his early years, Brown faced adversity no child should have to undergo.

“I experienced homelessness and other forms of great poverty,” Ru says about growing up in Washington, DC. According to his personal website, gun violence and domestic abuse were also among the challenges he had to overcome.

However, in the coming years, RuQuan’s resilience led him to greatness.

Throughout high school, the go-getting student excelled across athletics, with achievements in football, track and field, basketball, and soccer. Soon after, he received offers from 25 colleges, including seven of the eight Ivy League Schools.

Ultimately, Ru chose to move forward with Harvard University, where he now has “access to the largest pool of resources in modern academia.”

Leading with Love

Brown has always been an advocate of spearheading change with love. In fact, his connection to Tumaini DC is a direct result of the discourse he kept alive around this topic.

“Portia Richardson reached out after hearing me speak to 10,000 teachers in Washington, DC about how to love young people better,” RuQuan says about his first interaction with the organization’s Executive Director. “She hired me to be a consultant, discussing what it takes to connect with young people.”

Brown’s natural leadership skills, entrepreneurial spirit, and love-driven mission also inspired him to start the business that won him the $3,000 “Best Presenter” prize.

RuQuan Brown at the 10X Pitch Off

Victory Village is a consulting business, but far from an average one. It serves the unsung heroes in our communities — the leaders that have the highest impact on young people’s lives.

“Parents, coaches, and teachers are taken for granted and don’t have all the tools and resources they need to be successful,” Ru says. “That’s what we’re here for. We provides the strategies, tips, wisdom, and knowledge to help Village Leaders lead with love.”

At the 10X Pitch Off, the young entrepreneur’s vision and passion for Victory Village impressed Grant Cardone and the entire panel of 10X judges.

And according to Brown, the feeling was mutual.

“Being around Grant changed the game for me.” — RuQuan Brown

For Ru, the 10X Pitch Off showed him how important it is to build a really strong team.

“My favorite thing was seeing Grant’s Village,” he says. “His employees to his wife and kids. That’s what it’s all about. Being around Grant really showed me what that can look like.”

At the same time, the competition also served as a valuable learning experience. “My business will grow because I will successfully articulate how revenue is generated in my company. Jarrod [Glandt, President of Cardone Enterprises] told me how to make that clear going forward.”

On behalf of The Grant Cardone Foundation, we wish RuQuan all the best in his business endeavors, and we can’t wait to see all the Village Leaders he will continue to empower from now on!

Featured image courtesy of RuQuan Brown

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