Rowen Geneke 10X Hub Entrepreneur

Next up in our series of talented entrepreneurs from the 10X Hub in South Africa is Rowen Geneke. Driven by passion, purpose, and persistence, “RowenG” is well on his way to making a name for himself in the local entertainment industry…

When you fully commit to your passion, anything is possible.

And Rowen Geneke is the living example of how to do it.

As a multifaceted creative, Rowen has experimented with a number of art forms. While standup comedy and cooking are among his favorites, music ultimately became the foundation for his business ventures.

But in such a traditionally competitive industry, what’s his secret to standing out as an artist-turned-entrepreneur?

From Passion to Business

For Rowen, two major opportunities arose in the entertainment space:

  1. Teaching
  2. Events

The result?

RowenG Entertainment — a dual-value business that facilitates both music education and MC services for events.

“It started as a passion by assisting,” Geneke says about his first steps in business. “Then, I realized that I loved to teach.”

As he develops his services within the intensive 10X Hub incubation program, Rowen describes every stage as nothing less than rewarding.

“[My favorite part about my business is] to see how people progress from not knowing anything to honing their craft and becoming so skilled in what they do,” he explains. “I can see their self-confidence grow.”

Rowen Geneke on How Knowledge and Improvement Lead to Success

It’s clear that passion for his target industry has never been an issue for Rowen.

However, continuous development is the new door he has unlocked with the help of the 10X Hub.

Since being part of the year-long entrepreneurship program, he has experienced both professional and personal growth. “I’m improving matters constantly,” Geneke says. “And this sets me up for future success.”

So far, his key takeaways include introspection, looking at things critically, and shifting your mindset to 10X your business.

“The knowledge you gain and the way you are taught to rethink matters are very valuable. you have everything to gain.”

— Rowen Geneke on the impact of the 10X Hub in South Africa

Across the world at the 10X Headquarters in Miami, we’re certain that Rowen has everything it takes to dominate his sector. And we can’t wait to continue seeing how he brings value to the music biz!

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