When someone becomes a pro athlete at just 16 years old, you know they’re committed to building a 10X future. Previous 10X Business Summit guest Rob Dyrdek chose this very path, and he has since created a skateboarding, entertainment, and business legacy.

Today, Rob Dyrdek is a multimillionaire entrepreneur and the founder of an innovative venture capital firm.

Throughout the 2000s and 2010s, he was celebrated as a pop culture icon for his hit MTV shows Rob & Big and Ridiculousness.

But his first steps towards massive success took place in 1991. Rob then became a pro skater before he even finished high school. In fact, he never even got around to graduating.

Dyrdek dropped out of school to pursue a professional sports career — and it all paid off.

What a Lifelong Monster Work Ethic Can Do

Ever since he was a kid, Rob Dyrdek had the whatever-it-takes mindset of a business mogul.

During class, all he could think about was the step-by-step game plan to make his pro skateboarding goals come to life. Every day after school, he fused these 10X thoughts and actions by skating and skating until he had to go back inside.

And with major mentors like OG skateboard artist Neil Blender by his side, he was surrounded by the right people.

“I was raised by entrepreneur wolves when I was 11 and 12 years old. The skate shop that I started going to was founded by a 19-year-old serial entrepreneur who I watched build company after company after company.”

— Rob Dyrdek in an interview for 21 Hats

Fast-forward a few years, and Neil Blender co-founded the skateboarding company that helped Dyrdek turn pro at age 16.

Two more years later, 18-year-old Rob Dyrdek launched his very first business, Orion Trucks.

From that point on, there was no stopping him.

Rob Dyrdek’s Business Machine

Over the years, Dyrdek has created numerous brands, such as a:

  • Skate shop
  • Animated TV show for Nickelodeon
  • Rap record label
  • International tournament Street League Skateboarding

However, since 2016, he has been pouring time and energy into Dyrdek Machine.

So far, the incubator has helped build 18 brands, out of which five have exited for a collective $450 million.

Rob Dyrdek and his business partners are also committed to giving back. Through Do-Or-Dier Visionary Foundation (DODVF), they work with non-profits to help underrepresented youth communities learn about entrepreneurship.

Dyrdek has achieved legend status in multiple industries, and he won’t be stopping anytime soon.

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Featured image source: Michelle Vink, CC0 1.0, via Flickr

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