She has sold 250 million records worldwide, won nine Grammys, and is now a billionaire, thanks to her revolutionary cosmetics line, Fenty Beauty. This is the story of how Rihanna built a beauty empire. 

As of earlier this year, Rihanna officially made the Forbes List of Billionaires. Her current net worth is $1.76 billion.

However, the Barbados-born singer’s journey from music icon to beauty business mogul is one that changed the industry forever. 

Setting standards and building a beauty empire for everyone

Before Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty in September 2017, she set the stage by teasing products in a Vogue “Get Ready with Me” video. Her makeup routine went viral in the YouTube beauty community. 

Everyone was speculating, “What are those products Rihanna’s using?” 

Then, Fenty Beauty launched and everyone was clamoring to use Rihanna’s beauty secrets. The original line consisted of 40 shades of each concealers and foundation — way above and beyond the shade spectrum of midrange cosmetics. 

Rihanna stated she wanted to make sure everyone from the palest skin to the darkest, and every undertone, had a match in her line. This inclusive approach came from her own struggles finding her match in larger beauty brands. 

“We are all so different, with our own unique skin tones, so we started with the 40 foundation shades out the gate.” 

— Rihanna in an interview with TIME Magazine

Having dozens of shades for face makeup is now an industry standard. This has aptly been named, “The Fenty Effect.” 

And the effect is not over yet.

More to come under Rihanna’s beauty umbrella

In line with the company’s values, Fenty has released a comprehensive shade range of bronzers, blushes, and setting powders. Moreover, Rihanna has taken embracing your beauty a step further by launching the Fenty Skin skincare line in July, 2020.

Rihanna is a real woman in power. All of her business actions have been in line with her higher purpose of helping others with a problem she struggled with herself. 

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Long live Rihanna’s beauty empire, and may you build yours.

Elena Cardone  

Featured image source: Facebook / Fenty Beauty

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