Rick Ross at 10X Growth Conference 2022

Biggest Boss Rick Ross‘ surprise appearance electrified the 10X Growth Conference 2022 audience.

Everyone knows Miami-based rapper, songwriter, and overall music mogul Rick Ross. But few know how much of a hustler he is when it comes to business.

Grant Cardone welcomed the entertainment legend and introduced 10X Growth Conference attendees to his entrepreneurial side.

This is the intimate conversation that took place between the two icons at The Diplomat Beach Resort on the last day of the event.

Rick Ross personifies what it means to run your life like a business

Everything Rick Ross says boils down to looking to your future success.

It doesn’t matter if you have millions now. They can be gone in an instant if you’re not continually growing. And why not make them billions in the process?

“You can’t expect everyone to see your vision as clear as you do.”

— Rick Ross speaking at 10X Growth Conference 2022

Commitment is also one of Rozay’s core values that he infuses into all his business endeavors. In his interview with Grant, he compelled the audience to rethink what they’re willing to do to make their success a reality.

Rick Ross went so far as to deliver a blunt yet necessary statement:

“In the real world, your goals don’t give a F*** about your excuses.”

Now is the time to stop making these excuses and take 10X action for your future success — just like Rick Ross.

In the spirit of 10X, ask yourself:

  • How many distractions are getting in your way?
  • Who are you surrounding yourself with to empower you?
  • What can you do today to get 10 steps closer to massive success?

If you’re all about the hustle, grab your ticket to 10X Growth Conference 2023 while you still can.

Be Great,

Grant Cardone

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