Richest Real Estate Moguls
Donald Bren, Real Estate Investor, Philanthropist, and Conservationist

Find out who the richest real estate moguls in the world are, as well as a breakdown of their properties and investments.

After researching, here are the top three most successful real estate moguls in the world in terms of wealth. Each net worth listed was collected from Forbes data at the time of writing the article. 

We are going to start off with the heaviest hitter first. 

Top 3 Richest Real Estate Moguls Alive

1Donald Bren ($16.2 Billion)

It is not a surprise Donald Bren has the nickname, “America’s Richest Real Estate Baron.” Presently, he tops the list by a landslide with a $16.2 billion net worth. 

Bren’s father was a real estate investor, which introduced him to the field early. As a result, he currently owns over 126 million square feet of real estate — the equivalent of nearly 24,000 miles of land.

2Stephen Ross ($8.2 Billion) 

Next on our list of the world’s richest real estate moguls is Stephen Ross. Despite originally pursuing a career as a tax attorney, he found a knack for housing development. 

Over his career, Ross has either acquired or developed $60 billion worth of property globally. Another notable investment he owns is the Miami Dolphins football team. 

3Sun Hongbin ($6.9 Billion)

The third richest real estate mogul in the world is based in Tianjin, China. Sun Hongbin founded one of the biggest real estate developers in the country, Sunac China Holdings.

Hongbin was born and raised in China, so it’s natural that he prefers to invest in assets close to home. He currently owns approximately 150,000 acres in China, which includes both land and properties.

For the time being, Donald Bren, Stephen Ross, and Sun Hongbin are the richest real estate moguls in the world.

However, there are still six months left in 2022.

That’s plenty of time to make next year’s list. 

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Featured image source: Donald Bren Official Website

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