Reviewing Visio’s Residential Real Estate Investor Report: Part 1 of 2

What is a typical real estate investor? Watch this video for details on the demographics and typical investment behavior of private money borrowers. Investors were surveyed by private money residential real estate lender, Visio Financial Services, which just released its Residential Real Estate Investor Report based on the results. Ilyce talks with Visio founder and CEO, Jeff Ball about the typical characteristics of residential real estate investors who participated in the Visio survey in the first of a two-part interview on this edition of Big Money Real Estate. Check out part two on tomorrow’s episode. For a direct link to Visio’s 2015 Residential Real Estate Investor Report, click here. And pick up Ilyce’s Intentional Investor Series to learn everything you need to know to become a successful investor in real estate. Looking for more of Ilyce’s real estate and personal finance tips? Read her blog, see her tweets and follow her on Facebook.


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