Relationship Myth Illustration

Today I’m going to talk to you about a dangerous relationship myth.  It’s a myth many people accept at face value…

Though it sprung from fairytales and Hollywood movies.  

Oftentimes, this myth shapes our thoughts and actions.  And it can leave you banging your head in frustration.

It’s why I’m on a mission to banish this relationship myth for good – so you can build an extraordinary marriage that works in the real world (and not in a fairytale). 

I’m talking about the relationship myth of “The One.” 

Which is the idea that only one person on Earth can be your perfect match.  

A lot of people ask me if Grant is “The One.”  So I tell them that Grant is “The One” – but not in the way they might think.

You might look at my relationship with Grant and think we stumbled upon the perfect partnership.  

And sure…

Our relationship comes pretty close to perfect.  But relationship “perfection” did not show up in our lives by accident.     

We constructed our dream relationship – by learning how to get on the same page (and stay there).  

When I talk about getting on the same page, I mean creating a shared set of goals… So you and your partner constantly move in the same direction.

What happens when you don’t move in the same direction as your partner? 

At best, it can trigger fights.  At worst, it can crush your relationship completely.  

A lot of people think their partner should automatically share their goals and aspirations, and vice versa.

But again…

That idea fell straight out of a Hollywood movie!  

Truth is, if you really want to get on the same page as your partner – you need to align your mission and purpose. 

Once a month, Grant and I get together to do just that. 

We follow a process that keeps us on track to achieving our shared goals together.  There are 3 simple steps to this process. 

Had we known about this process at the start of our marriage, Grant and I could have saved ourselves from countless disagreements! 

Which is why I want to share these steps with you.  

When you implement these steps, I think it will shift the way you think about your relationship.  

You’ll see the difference it makes when you and your partner truly get on the same page. 

Most couples have no idea they’re pulling in opposite directions.

It’s why most couples struggle to achieve their goals… Or they tear each other apart on the road to greatness. 

I don’t want that for you. 

Which is why I urge you to check out Section 3, Chapter 1 of my Build an Empire Course.  

In it, you’ll discover the exact process Grant and I follow to stay on the same page and fulfill our joint purpose. 

This is one of dozens of exercises you’ll find inside my course. 

Each exercise is designed to set you and your partner on the road to more money, more happiness, and more fulfillment.

And for a limited time, you can access every training and every exercise inside my course for a hugely discounted price. 

I normally charge $1,997.

But during the holiday season you can get it for just $270.  

Sounds good?

I’ll leave the link here for you to check out the details for my Build an Empire Course.

Build your empire,

Elena Cardone

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