Real Estate Vs Crypto – Cardone Zone LIVE at 12PM EST

Grant Cardone discusses the comparison of Real estate vs bitcoin, etherium, not, stock and bonds and mutual funds…. Real Estate involves a great deal of effort is involved when it comes to real estate investment. Keeping up with property requires regular maintenance, upgrade and repairs. Owners need to collect rent and worry about utilities, not to mention that purchasing property can be pricey upfront. Also, property is not an entirely fluid asset. Although you can sell property, it can sometimes be difficult to unload. It takes time to sell, and there’s a chance you might pour a lot of money into something that does not equal out. On the other hand, people need somewhere to live, so real estate will always be a necessity. I am going to be spending 3 days in an exclusive summit where I’ll cover everything you need to know on investing in real estate. go to


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