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When I first got started in real estate, I didn’t have much of a clue about what I was doing…

Yet somehow I made 50% of my entire year’s salary on my first two deals!

Two years after that, I owned $7 million worth of real estate…

And after only six years of investing in this market, I had a portfolio of properties worth $38 million.

Do you wanna know the really funny part?

Even at that point in my life, I still didn’t know what I was doing! 

And yet I still got filthy-rich, by most people’s standards.

Now, if I can own $38 million of property — without being an expert of any kind — that just goes to show you how EASY it might be for you to profit from real estate.

And now, many years later, with over $4 billion of real estate under management… 

I can tell you — with some degree of confidence — there’s no better market in the world to be investing your cash into right now.

The profit-making possibilities in real estate are outrageous…

As I see it, the best time to invest in this market is NOW (we’re in a market contraction — which is a GREAT time for you to be making money…)

And in today’s article, I’m going to show you THREE of my favorite, JUICY ways to profit from real estate.

To be honest though, before we get into it…

What I’m going to show you in this email is just the tip of the iceberg.

You’ll discover so much more about how to profit from real estate if you join my training.

In this FREE training, I’m going to walk you through some simple steps that could make you a fortune in real estate, if you follow them to the letter… 

My goal in this training is to give you all the inside knowledge you need in order to potentially make $1 million on your very first real estate deal.

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It’s really important you come to this training because it could honestly change your life…

In my experience, investing in real estate the right way — as I’ll show you in the webinar — is the easiest way to become a millionaire.

In the meantime, though… let’s get down to business.

Here are THREE reasons why real estate is the goose that could lay plenty of golden eggs for you… 

1) Cash flow

When done right, real estate gives you cash flow.

Reliable, dependable cash flow.

Cash flow is your #1 way to profit from real estate… It’s crucial, really.

I preach about the value of cash flow all the time…

But so long as you’ve got cash flow coming in, you’ve got money to invest straight back into your assets to get even more money.

I put $3,000 down on my very first real estate deal.

I got $200 a month in cash flow back.

Within just over a year… 15 months to be exact… I’d made all my money back. 

And then I started to get cash flow on TOP of that.

As well as…

2) Appreciation

In my opinion — and in the opinion of many other billionaires — real estate grows (in other words, appreciates) in value more reliably than any other asset class.

Think about it…

Ten years from now, inflation will have chewed holes in the dollars in your pocket.  Those slips of paper will look like slices of Swiss cheese!

If you’ve invested in stocks? They could be DOWN.

Investors this year are staring at ENORMOUS losses on so-called hot stocks such as Peloton, Netflix, and Zoom…

In fact, $400 billion was wiped off the value of Big Tech stocks in a single day only a few weeks ago!

And don’t even get me started on crypto.

In contrast, your real estate will appreciate in value… while your cash flow stacks up on top of it.

And that’s not all…

3) Depreciation 

With real estate, you’ve got yourself an asset that you can WRITE OFF for tax purposes… and yet STILL own it!

This is only privy to owners of quality, commercial, multifamily real estate.

With depreciation, you can tell the IRS that your real estate has gone DOWN in value…

But in actual fact it’s going UP.

You can’t do this with stocks, gold, commodities, or crypto…

But you CAN do this with real estate.

And it’s perfectly legal, too. 

You should always consult a financial professional before you dive in, but in the meantime…

I’ll explain more of what I know when you accept my invitation to my Real Estate Training.

So… there you have it.  

Those are three of my favorite ways to make juicy profits from real estate…

But there’s a secret I didn’t tell you…

See, I never said there were ONLY three ways to make money from real estate.

There are actually more (I’ve got six ways up my sleeve for you, in total.)

And I’m going to reveal those other three methods to you — nothing held back — in my Real Estate Training.

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There are going to be THOUSANDS of people taking this training…

In fact, 168,400 students attended my last live training on real estate!

I’m expecting there to be even more than that this time around…

So make sure you’re among them and don’t miss out on this.

Keeping it real,

Grant Cardone

Disclosure: This content is intended to be used for educational and informational purposes only. Before investing, you should always do your own analysis based on your own financial and personal circumstances before making any investment. Grant Cardone is an industry expert who has been investing for over 30 years and his opinion is based solely on his own personal experience and circumstances. Individual results may vary. You should perform your own due diligence and seek the advice from a professional to verify any information on our website or materials that you are relying upon if you choose to make an investment. Investment involves great risk and there is no guarantee of performance or results.

We are not attorneys, investment advisers, accountants, tax professionals or financial advisers and any of the content presented should not be taken as professional advice.  We recommend seeking the advice of a financial professional before you invest, and we accept no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage you may incur.

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