Real estate misconceptions

After owning billions of dollars in properties, I can clearly tell you that there are some major real estate misconceptions out there.

And they’re stopping investors from acting on life-changing opportunities.

1“It takes money.”

I hear this one all the time. “Grant, I want to start investing, but I don’t have any cash.”

Look, it does not actually take money to buy real estate. I can show you how get a deal in your market with virtually no money at all. Cash will never be the problem.

What it does take is people.

2“Debt is bad.”

In commercial real estate, the type that I buy, debt is not bad.

In fact, one of the biggest real estate truths is that debt is your friend. Debt pays you. Yes, you make money with it.

You don’t want to get rid of your debt in commercial real estate investing.


  • The tax implications are great;
  • It provides leverage;
  • Generates more passive income.

3“Buy the least expensive house in the most expensive neighborhood.”

Few real estate myths are as outdated as this one.

I like “the most expensive neighborhood” part, but putting “least” in the first part is what I don’t like.

If you’re serious about this investing thing, you don’t want to buy the garbage. That’s the reason why middle-class America never gets ahead. Grabbing leftovers won’t take you anywhere.

Even though buying trophy assets and the best locations come with a price, that’s what’s gonna get you rich.

You want those tax write-offs. That massive appreciation. That’s what you’re really looking for to create wealth — appreciation.

4“Keep 100% of the deal.”

You’re insane if you want to keep the whole deal.

Listen, you need partners in real estate. You need people to fund your deal and make it happen.

And I have a 3-hour webinar with no strings attached that will help you find these partners.

So, are you ready to ditch these stupid real estate misconceptions and learn how I made real money in the game? Take advantage of my FREE Real Estate Training.


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