Ready To Decide

Ready or not, it is time to DECIDE.

In my last email, I promised to give you the 3 steps to earning $1,000 a day to lay the foundation for a future of unbreakable financial freedom.

Well, this is me delivering on that promise.

In case you don’t remember, step 1 is “Decide.” 

You have to decide to reach financial freedom before you can do anything…

And before you start thinking some stupid bullsh*t about how “deciding isn’t a big deal”, let me explain something to you.

Most people don’t even reach the point of making a final decision…

…because they don’t even make it halfway there.

There are plenty of people who complain about being poor, but that’s not deciding to get rich…

Some people dream about acquiring wealth but that’s not the same as deciding to get it.

“Wanting it bad” doesn’t cut it either… not by a long shot.

By “decide” I mean set a new goal and change your life to do whatever it takes to reach it. 

Let me give you an example of how freaking powerful this decision has to be…

At 25 years old I was more broke than I was at 12… with no father, no income, and living in poverty.

I hated every job I ever had — got fired from at least six of them.

Mom told me to go to college… “That’ll fix everything.” 

So I borrowed loads of cash $140k and went to college…

That didn’t help. It made things worse.

At 25 years old I was jobless, broke, and eyeball deep in debt…

By then I’d already been hooked on drugs for almost a decade.

I swear I tried to quit 10 times a day.

I’d wake up at 8 and say “I’m not doing drugs today.” An hour later I’m lit up on the first drugs I could get my hands on…

The point is…

I hoped to quit drugs. I wanted to quit. But I wasn’t ready to decide to quit…

Even after my third overdose… it still wasn’t enough for me to throw it away.

Pretty soon my friends abandoned me. My twin brother wanted nothing to do with me. My sisters called me “the black sheep”…

And I’ll never forget the moment when my own Mom told me to “never come around again.”

It was at that moment that I finally opened my eyes.

I woke the hell up…

…I made it my new mission in life to prove to everybody that I could do great things.

That’s when I finally decided to quit…

I got myself into rehab. I promised myself I’d get my sh*t together, get my money right…get my integrity in check and get rich in the process.

And that’s exactly what I did from 25 to 45.

Now I own 16 companies and manage billions of dollars in real estate assets.

That one decision I made when I was 25 is what led me here… 

It wasn’t a “hope” or a “wish.” It was an “I’m changing my life and stopping at nothing” decision.

So if you want to go from average or even struggling to acquire incredible wealth, it starts with a decision… a life-altering decision.

I’ve proven that it’s possible with my own life… but most people don’t want it bad enough.

Decide you’re done with the status quo… refuse to settle for average.

Decide you will be rich and that you’ll do whatever it takes to get there…

…and you can get there by deciding you’ll make $1,000 a day.

Ready to commit to that?



Now you can make a plan to get there by advancing to step 2, “Doing the Math.”

And I’ll break that down for you in the next article. 

It’s critically important — don’t miss it.

Be Great,

Grant Cardone

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