Many who follow us ask how Grant and I raise confident kids.

Needless to say, I am very proud of our daughters, Scarlett and Sabrina. I know every parent says that, but both of my girls have performed and spoken in front of thousands of people at Grant’s 10X Growth Conference. Not bad for a 9 and 11-year old!

Of course, I feel like this is because of the values that Grant and I have instilled in our children. 

Here are some things we do to reinforce their confidence. 

Kids understand – talk to them that way 

Ever since they were born, I talked to my children as if they could understand — because they do. Granting them the respect of communicating to them like that doesn’t only give them confidence; it sets a precedent of how they should talk to others. 

I don’t think that they are just kids and don’t know better. That’s a disservice to them.

Grant and I both have let them know clearly that their contribution matters and is important to the success of our family.

Furthermore, because we address our children this way, we let them know they can earn adult rights. That naturally leads to my next point. 

Our kids can make mistakes

A big part of how Grant and I raise confident kids is that the girls are allowed to make mistakes.

This ability to make mistakes makes them less afraid of taking risks, trying new things. I know adults who can’t do that!

That isn’t to say that it’s okay for Scarlett and Sabrina to misbehave. However, when they are honest and come to me when they do something wrong, they know the consequences will be far less than if we find out on our own.

And when they do misbehave, we encourage them to make up for whatever damage was done. That’s the deal. 

Having a standard of honesty, courage, and integrity are cornerstones to raising confident kids. 

I don’t think Grant and I are much different from any other parents. The main measure of our success as parents is if our daughters are happy.

Long-term that means that they would grow up to be contributing members of society making a difference for the better. I think confidence will play a huge role in that. 

I hope this helps you instill confidence in the children in your life. The world needs more confident kids. 

Elena Cardone 


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