Whenever I communicate with people and try to understand where they’re at in their business and what they’re doing, I don’t need to listen to 20 minutes of why they’re struggling. I need to ask them three straightforward, very straightforward questions…and that will tell me about their growth.


“What is the one thing that you’ve identified in your business, that you’ve mastered, that’s caused you to be as successful as you are?” Depending on the answer, you can already tell what type of leader and business owner they are (and how much more they need to grow). Then I ask…


“How many people have you taught to master the same thing, and what’s been the impact on your business?” Most people look at me like I’m crazy. But my question is simple. Based on my observations, I’ve learned to ask this question by listening, reading, and genuinely understanding that true leaders and intelligent business owners appreciate their leadership impact. By doing this, it shows forward growth and deep thought about the future of the business. 

Information of business from network. Business growth. Businessperson, arrows and network structure.


“How many little things in your business could you master—to teach others—that would take your business to explosive growth?” It’s so simple… yet people stare at you with a blank look on their faces. They might get through the first question, but they never get through the second question. 

“How many people have you specifically and intentionally developed to multiply the impact of what you mastered so that your business can breathe and grow effortlessly?” People look at you weird. And you know why? They get so caught up in WHAT they do instead of the impact they create. 

Michael Gerber talks about this in E-Myth… Jim Collins talks about this on a more macro level in big corporations in his books, From Good to Great, Great by Choice, and How the Mighty Fall. They all talk about how there are these ecosystems that you’ve created in these environments. If you’re an owner of a business, you control the tempo and the message in that ecosystem…And if you’re not aware of the one thing that you’ve mastered, and taught everyone else to do, then you’re going to be mindful of the next thing. It’s a cultural situation. 

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