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Yesterday was Thanksgiving in America.  Many Americans will spend this holiday weekend connecting with their loved ones.

Grant and I will do the same.  

But a lot of couples make a huge mistake on weekends like this one.  I think it’s why many people dread the holidays.

There’s this myth about how it should look when you’re in a strong relationship.

We’re often told we must commit our full attention to our partners and family at certain times – like weekends, on vacation, or during holidays.  

Sure, you should make time for your loved ones.

And of course, you should be present as much as possible.

But your partner does not owe you their full attention (even on family occasions like the ones I just mentioned).  

I’ll tell you why in a moment.  First let me tell you a story.    

Early in our marriage, I believed Grant owed ME his attention.    

Most nights after work, Grant headed to his brother’s house to play video games… Instead of coming home to me. 

For months it drove me crazy!  

Did Grant not love me the way I loved him? 

Of course Grant loved me.  But… 

Whenever I moaned, nagged, or put pressure on Grant to spend more time with me – Grant saw me as a liability.

Eventually I realized something important. 

If I wanted Grant to spend more time with me… I needed to become an asset.  

I needed to work with Grant so he could achieve his goals.  

So I started to make some changes.

First, I stopped moaning when Grant needed wind-down time with his brother. 

Second, I quit complaining when Grant picked up work calls during date nights.  

Finally, I became Grant’s #1 support system. 

If Grant needed a cocktail waitress when a client came round to the house – I mixed Martinis like a pro.

If Grant needed to entertain clients on the weekend – I was the best hostess Grant’s guests had ever met. 

And I did it all with a smile on my face.

Some people might read this and think I’m lowering myself for Grant.  But here’s the thing…

Grant and I have a joint mission and purpose.  

I cannot fulfill my mission without Grant’s drive, and without Grant’s brilliance in business and investing. 

On the flipside…

Grant cannot achieve his purpose without my logistical skills, my support, or my vision.

Grant and I are a team.  Our mission is senior to everything in our lives. 

When Grant’s phone rang during Thanksgiving dinner, you bet I made him answer those calls. 

When I need time out, this weekend, to make an important decision about my business – I will take that time out, without question! 

My family gets it. 

Remember –

If you’re on a mission to do great things in the world, you need your loved ones to back you. 

And you need to back your loved ones too… Even if they shift their attention from you during the holiday weekend.

At this point in our marriage, Grant and I understand what it takes to build our empire. 

But you may not be quite there yet.  

If that’s the case, I encourage you to plan how YOU and your partner can become assets to each other. 

If you want to know precisely how Grant and I have become assets…

I have something for you this holiday season.

It’s called Build an Empire University.  

It’s my signature online course, which shows you precisely how to become an asset to your partner.

It also shows you the approach Grant and I took, in our lives and marriage – to build our multi-billion-dollar empire.

Right now, I’m giving you access to Build an Empire University for just $270 (regular price $1,997).

I’m doing this now because you deserve a flying start to 2023.

But you have to start laying the foundations today.  

It’s less than 6 weeks until the new year starts.  That’s the perfect amount of time to learn how to build YOUR empire.

Don’t let another year slip by without going after your dreams.  Only action will get you to the top of the mountain.

So here’s the link to take action, starting today.

Build your empire,

Elena Cardone

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