If you ever feel the need to push your employees, forget it; a true leader always pulls their team.

Look, people are sick and tired of being bullied. 

They’re sick of hearing they’re going to lose their privileges as Americans — their free speech, their personal choices…

People are tired of being told what to do, with no path to help them succeed.

You know what will happen if you continue to push and order instead of choosing to pull and coach your team?

Employees start to lose their trust in you as a leader.

They begin to realize that they can go somewhere that’s going to help them achieve their goals while helping another business reach their targets. 

Ultimately, if you don’t step up to the plate and lead by example, they will leave.

What if you have imposter syndrome?

I hear this a lot, and I’ve even experienced this feeling once or twice early in my career.

According to a Kajabi study, a whopping 84% of business owners experience impostor syndrome.

To counter the false feeling of incompetence, entrepreneurs might end up working harder and holding themselves to ever higher standards.

Sadly, most of the time, these business owners are struggling with their own self-esteem. Consequently, they create confusion in the workplace. 

Confusion leads to failure.

Confusion arises from fear and anxiety, which ripples to the rest of the team.

Then these business owners start to ask themselves if others can see it (they can), and due to that, they start to react in a negative way. 

The key to switch from a ‘push’ mindset to a ‘pull’ one with your team

However, if you are a business owner who conveys confidence and certainty, you can share that vision with your team with clarity.

With your team’s help, you can move the business with more ease and far less pushback. 


You did the internal work needed to present the best version of yourself to your team. As a result, you’re able to help your employees achieve their goals along with those of the business.

Final thoughts

Ask yourself:

  • How am I supporting my current employees?
  • How can my company become a healthy alternative for job seekers who want to work with a leader that wants them to succeed?

You see, if you’re not asking yourself those questions, then your business is going downhill. 

The sooner you realize that you’re in the people business, the sooner you can improve your organization’s culture.

In turn, you have the proper mindset and processes in place to truly 10X your business operations and outlook. 

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