Publish And Profit (Part 2) Sneak Preview

Imagine for one minute: You write a book. You write a best selling book. Your ideal clients buy your book. They find out all about you and how you can help them. Your book becomes a lead magnet that brings you a ton of new business. Again, and again, and again… Trevor Crane interviews Jason P Jordan, CEO of the Barnum Media Group, book launch specialist, and 2-time #1 best selling author. His latest bestseller is titled…Personal Online Promotion: Learn 3 Simple Steps To Help Your Name POP Up on Search Engines! Jason has helped many of his clients reach national & international bestselling status on Amazon across 20+ different categories and in multiple countries in just the last 6 months. He has done this using a proven 7 Step Stacked Launch Strategy. Mr. Jordan reveals this 7 Step Book Launch Strategy to the public, for the very first time, on this show. 3 QUICK FACTS ABOUT DUSTIN: ♦ His personal goal is to change the lives of 1,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners in the next year! ♦ As an Internet Marketing & Branding Expert, he’s been responsible for filling 200 rooms a month and running several consecutive million-dollar product launches. ♦ He’s have mastered the art of getting butts in seats and on webinars, using both online and offline marketing. To get the “Good-As-Gold” FREE SWIPE FILE of Dustin’s best marketing, go to:


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