Before diving into some of the top public speaking tips for leaders, there’s one thing you need to understand — great speakers are made, not born.

To become a phenomenal speaker, you need to train, build high-value speeches, and be open to feedback.

Just like training, getting insight on how you can be a better speaker is the key to sharpening your script.

Regardless if it’s your very first keynote or you want to improve your public speaking game, these are the tips you need to apply as soon as possible.


When delivering a speech, you’d be surprised by the amount of leaders who know their slides and not their stuff.

Look, if I wanted to hear someone recite what they see on a screen, I’d just read it myself.

Your slides complement your material. They should be used in addition to the content you’re talking about. 

The best speakers don’t rely on their slides; they rely on the knowledge they have on the subject they’re speaking on. This makes others trust you more simply because you look twice as confident as the guy who’s reading every line in every slide. 

2Be yourself

You want to be a great public speaker, not an actor. So be true to yourself!

Think about this. You’re speaking to a crowd because you’re a subject matter expert in the thing you’re speaking about. So, why try to be someone you’re not?

Once again — you want people to trust you. You want people to listen to you. 

And you do that by being authentic. 

3Throw what you know

Essentially, play to your strengths. 

One thing you should understand is that there are different categories within the public speaking space. Some people may be exceptional keynote speakers, who excel at delivering hour-long speeches, while others are better in a panel-type situation. 

With panels, you have the chance to bounce off of others’ points, and you also get to practice answering on the spot. But it’s not as “lonesome” as being the only one on stage during an hour-long speech. 

So, if you want to learn how to hone in on a solid pitch, perfect your public speaking skills, and master leadership, give us a call. Our team can provide the tools and resources you need to make it happen.

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